Listen & record radio on internet but where..?

  User-4CC88CE5-DA27-44EE-A0310A8D232498A3 18:06 31 Mar 2004

Firstly, I'd love to find the best site for connecting to radio (for free obviously!). The BBC site is good, but limited to only main stations (not BBC GMR for example).

Any one know of a good site?

Secondly, how do I capture broadcasts (not interested in Music - I'll get mine legally, thanks) like sport or comedy or news programs?

I'd like to get them into MP3 format..

Here's hoping.. :0)

  fuzzyone 18:16 31 Mar 2004

click here

download here and you will be able to do all that you require. (+ internet tv)

Thanks Fuzzy..
Had a good look at this link and it is excellent, but can't get BBC Radio GMR
and I can't find the info about recording from the Radio..
More help would be welcome ta

  Indigo 1 19:49 31 Mar 2004

BBC radio is available on the BBC site click here and you can record internet radio with Jet Audio from click here

  Hax 20:45 31 Mar 2004

From the BBC homepage clik on "Radio",scroll down the mpage and just below the 5live link you will see a link for English local radio.

Follow the link for GMR.

Indigo1's recommendation for Jet Audio is spot on.

Thanks chaps..
Although, correct me if I'm wrong the BBC website only gives 'sound bites' for GMR - real-time radio doesn't appear to have a link, or does it?

It's not obvious.

Will play around with Jet Audio6 - thanks - while awaiting response..

  Diodorus Siculus 22:41 31 Mar 2004 for Audacity - excellent for recording programs from the net.

Apples iTunes has a good selection of radio stations, mostly from the US though.

  Indigo 1 13:57 03 Apr 2004

I can't find any option to listen to GMR online either. Possibly not available online.

  Indigo 1 14:00 03 Apr 2004

Only page I can find is click here but no option to listen live.

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