Liquid on keyboard issue

  gazmix 02:47 24 Jun 2007

I'm so annoyed with myself.
I spilt cola on the right hand side of my keyboard, where the numbers are, & now i can't use the arrow button to access the 'at' & all the other signs above the numbers on my keyboard, question marks, pounds sign, etc..

Is this the keyboard that is buggered, can it dry out ,i don't know.

How can i rectify it & can it do damage to my pc, should i plug it out etc. I can do all, but not the 'above numbers' stuff, i need help as i nee these all the time & i can't send emails


  gazmix 03:28 24 Jun 2007

I can get a fiew thuings like %, &, # , but i can't get the commas & brackets & the 'at' sign.

Can this happen to a keyboard when liquid is spilt on it.
I can't obviously send emails. I'm buggered

Can i dry it out or should i get another?

Why just certain things i can get & the ones i need most.

Is it the liquid & has it affected my pc. I am worried.


  wolfie3000 03:38 24 Jun 2007

Cola can really gunk up a keyboard because of the sugar in it,

Best option is to buy a new keybaord.

You can buy them pretty cheaply nowadays.

Pcworld do cheap ones,

click here

Iv heard horror stories about people washing there keyboards but maybe it is possible, maybe someone with more knowledge can advise on this.

  Starfox 03:54 24 Jun 2007

Is to tip it upside down and shake out as much liquid as possible, then use a hairdryer on warm setting to try and dry it out by blowing around the keys.

Chances are it won't work but you can but try.

  ambra4 06:27 24 Jun 2007

No it should not cause any problems to the PC

Some keys would not work as liquid dry

Argos carry a wide range wired & wireless do not plug back in KB

  User-1159794 10:56 24 Jun 2007

As a smoker my key board gets very messy,So I carefully remove all the keys, bar the long ones,stick them in a pillow case and put them in the washing machine.
Then I clean the main-board with a damp paint brush.Put it somewhere warm to dry.
Put the keys back on.

One tip though take a couple of photographs of the keyboard prior to removing the keys,which I didn't do the first time.
Much fun was had trying to replace keys in the right spots.

  gazmix 13:23 24 Jun 2007

Does this involve unscrewing all the screws from the back.??

It's weird how i can press '2' ok but when i press the arrow key & '2', i can't get the 'at sign' making sending email impossible.

Can this be the affects of the spilt drink, why aren't all the keys not working, they're all spread about.


  User-1159794 13:31 24 Jun 2007

As wolfie3000 mentioned its the sugar thats the main problem,and it will obviously collect unevenly,so some buttons work others not.

and no I have never unscrewed the back.

  gazmix 13:39 24 Jun 2007

How do you get to the main board to clean it?
& the keys, do they all fall out when you do what you said?
Can i leave the keys & just clean the main board?


  sunny staines 13:39 24 Jun 2007

Put the keyboard under a running tap [not full blast] but warm to disolve sugar of cola [not boiling] leave to dry for 24 hours [ i placed my by the fan of the pc to dry out after spilling pint of tomato puree over keyboard recently.

  gazmix 13:50 24 Jun 2007

Is this the best way of cleaning the main board of the keyboard or is going inside it better.

Maybe if i leave it 24hrs after washing & then plug it in & it aint dryed properly it may bugger my pc up. Is this possible.
I was thinking of a way of cleaning the main board with a hot moist cloth, can i do this & how?


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