Liquid cooling?

  NEOSPHEAR 01:59 06 May 2003

Anybody got any views/info on liquid cooled computers and how it works? i dont know to much so im just looking for some feedback to see if its worth considering and if its pricey?

  powerless 02:05 06 May 2003

Do you have a car?

Then it works the same as that.

Only everything is much, much smaller...

Pricey = Yes

You only need a liquid cooled system if you are going to be overclocking your PC. Also if you want a quieter PC liquid cooling would give you this.

click here

  NEOSPHEAR 02:34 06 May 2003

Thanks Powerless thats realy usefull, might consider giving it ago myself.
Just out of interest how you made one if so how did it go or would you consider it?

  powerless 06:47 06 May 2003

No never had any water near my computer, i can cope with the nosie and the fans do there job.

You got me looking at liquid cooling and i found this for £150 click here

  powerless 06:47 06 May 2003


  powerless 06:49 06 May 2003

"WaterChill CPU Cooler supporting Intel P4 S478, AMD socket A and Hammer (Requires 4 holes in motherboard)"

If you do go for it be careful please, don't want a flooded PC case :-(

  mrdsgs 10:29 06 May 2003

two useful forums are liquidninjas and pclincs

these are frequented by serious coolers, not just water, refrigeration and vapoor cooling where the cpu can run at MINUS 35 DEGRESS C!!!


  -pops- 11:07 06 May 2003

Don't forget a transparent side panel and a couple of goldfish.

  eccomputers 13:28 06 May 2003

keep a tray under the pc for auto defrost mode and to catch the excess condensation.
You could buy a case with a door on the front and store your salad inside.

  Paranoid Android 13:41 06 May 2003

Take a look at The Overclocking Store click here

Loads of watercooling ideas including all the bits you need.

This is the realm of the serious overclocker, there are many 'silent' cooling solutions that are far cheaper.


  Paranoid Android 13:45 06 May 2003

PS Take a look at the sections marked "Advanced Cooling", "Liquid Cooling:Koolance" and "Refrigeration:Prometeia"

PPS Powerless - Your comment should read " Do you have a car ? It costs about the same as that".


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