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  Jakey boy 00:16 24 Jun 2008

I've also entered this subject in the Networking forum. Just hedging my bets and covering all bases really. Hope nobody minds??

I've just switched my self-build PC from XP Pro to Ubuntu Linux 8.04 Lts, and have been amazed to find it easier to set up than I had thought. Problem is, that although I am connected to the Internet on both PC's, (The other being an old (trusty)1.0ghz xp home machine) I can see and access my wireless network shares from Ubuntu, but not the Ubuntu machine from XP! I'm not sure how to overcome this, any help would be greatly appreciated as ever.

  nikef 10:39 24 Jun 2008

Hi sorry i cant help with your problem
but have you tried the ubuntu forums ?
here is the link

click here

hope you get it sorted, i think ubuntu is great 2

  Jakey boy 11:49 24 Jun 2008

Many thanks, I will have a look through the forums, but something tells me my problem lies with windows. Cheers anyway!!

  ambra4 11:59 24 Jun 2008
  Jakey boy 09:48 25 Jun 2008

Thanks for the link, but I'm afraid the "swat" route just doesn't work on my machine for some unknown reason, thanks for the link tho, seems a handy one to have.

  ambra4 12:38 25 Jun 2008

See if this site is any help

click here

  Jakey boy 14:01 25 Jun 2008

Thanks again for the link, but on my system there is no "shared folders" option under >>system>>administration>>. Maybe my version of Ubuntu "8.04 Hardy Heron"??

  scotty 16:34 25 Jun 2008

I came across this article which might help:
click here

  Jakey boy 17:13 25 Jun 2008

Thank you very much!! That was exactly what I needed. Problem resolved, and thanks to everyone who tried.

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