LinuxOS Live CD and file size

  Picklefactory 11:39 11 Apr 2008

I'm currently trialling LinuxOS 2007, and finding it rather interesting. I'm only working from live CD at present, and tried downloading a 4Gb file last night, but it ran out of space to put it. I have 120Gb HDD with only about 50Gb used, so plenty of space there, however, when I check the file size of the Linux system, it's only 750Mb. I tried d/loading to C:/ (Where I have XP on the one and only partition), but it couldn't write to anywhere on that drive. That is confirmed when I check file properties in Linux for C:, I have view access, but not write. It'll only let me write to Linux Home or Guest area.
Is there a way around this, or do I need to install Linux completely and partition HDD to gain more space? How do I write to C: from Live CD or increase amount of space the Linux can access?

  ex-wirecutter 11:46 11 Apr 2008

I am not an expert but dont think you can write to C: from live CD as Linux is probably running in ram.

  Picklefactory 11:49 11 Apr 2008

That would explain it then. I wonder where the 750Mb of available space is located? I have 1.5Gb of RAM installed, is it stuffing it in there?

  ex-wirecutter 11:54 11 Apr 2008

Probably , I tried running Linux from live CD and although everything worked I could not save anything.
Each time I had to start from scratch.

  Picklefactory 11:59 11 Apr 2008

Looks like time to decide to install or not. LinuxOS looks quite cute and friendly so far, I think I'll go for it, hope it doesn't turn out to have teeth later.

  ex-wirecutter 12:03 11 Apr 2008

I tried it on an old hard drive first , I chose Ubuntu Linux , but if I were you I would leave this post open for a bit in case someone comes up with a solution , there are much more knowledgeable than me on this forum .

  Picklefactory 12:05 11 Apr 2008

:-) Yeah, and me. I'll go with that thought.

An older thread on pclinuxos 2007
click here
If you have Acronis or similar have a up to date back up to restore from.
I dual booted for a while but eventually reverted back using acronis this only took 20 mins appprox.
wiki entry for live cd
click here
pclinux os forum
click here

  Picklefactory 12:46 11 Apr 2008

I had already skimmed that 1st thread, but was saving it for when I do go for dual boot. Loads of good stuff in there.
I think I understand now a little more about the limitations of the Live CD and I might as well go for dual boot.
I'm just about to do major upgrade on my desktop, so shiny new Vista etc. I'm intending to dual boot with LinuxOS, I was just hoping to get a feel for it prior to upgrade.
I think I am resolved on this one.

  stylehurst 14:00 11 Apr 2008

Long time since I looked at this but I seem to remember you could set the Live Cd up so that in conjunction with a flash drive you could save your settings preferences & then save downloads to a data partition or location of your choice. My memory is that the solution was given on either a Ubuntu or PC Linus forum.

  Picklefactory 15:22 11 Apr 2008

File I was trying to download was over 4Gb, I don't have a flash drive that big. But I'll check that out anyway.

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