Linux And Windows Xp Pro Dual Booting

  chris05 17:11 23 Jun 2003

Hi I have read a few things in this forum but it does not help my problem, I have two hard drives one a 80 gig and one 30 I wanted to put Red hat 7.2 on my 30, so I resized my 30 to 20 as this is where all my backup files are, so then I had 10 gig or so unpartioned space I installed linux without a hitch I had a guide for when I got o the boot loader which told me to use Grub and to configur as follows : Install boot loader record on devmda master boot record and that was basically it all the rest of the fields were left blank on my 80 I have windows xp pro already installed. After redhat installation was finished it rebooted and went strainght into xp as normal or as if I had not installed red hat I tried booting from rescue disk that is created on red hat and it says it can not find red hat or somthing about not been able to find the kernel thanks in advanced for any help given Chris :-))

  woodchip 17:17 23 Jun 2003

Try reinstalling over its self, and make a new rescue disc

  beastieboy 17:23 23 Jun 2003

U can set which drive to boot from, there should be a screen by default letting you choose. I am finding it best just top get other system and get KVM switch to switch between the two.

Redhat 9 is a much cleaner installation, but I am having problems with it trying to recognise my damn mouse!


Anyway, u looked at the documenation that is available from the site?

  woodchip 17:27 23 Jun 2003

PS Mandrake is better

  zanwalk 17:32 23 Jun 2003

It sounds as though Grub was installed to the RedHat partition somehow, although the rescue disk should still pick it up. I would be inclined to do as Woodchip says and reinstall, this time using the rescue disk to boot Linux, and then XP will load normally as it does now.

I find that third party bootloaders (such as Boot Magic) are superior to the Linux ones for beginners.

  chris05 07:27 24 Jun 2003

I have got partition magic 8 so maybe a talkthrough setting up with that would help if anyone has any idea how to do this please let me know, also if i do a fresh install is better to do it over the top or make the space unpartioned again?

One for wood chip I have suse linux 8.1 pro which I found not to user freindly so I asked around and got told red hat is a good starting point for linux based os´s is mandrake better for you or better for a inexperienced Linux user?

  woodchip 09:47 24 Jun 2003

Redhat is more for Pro uses, the latest Mandrake is easier to setup and use than the above. Partition Magic can be run from floppy's put the CD in the comp and hold the shift key down to stop auto run working, then open Win Explorer look for Readme files on the CD on how to create the floppy disc's

  chris05 14:07 24 Jun 2003

Im worming tonight so I will try evrything tomorrow I will keep you all posted thanks for the help so far ;-)

  chris05 15:52 24 Jun 2003

sorry im not worming lol im working

  chris05 15:15 25 Jun 2003

You wont beleive what the problem was I had my virus protection on in bios, disabled that reinstalled linux to a fresh unpartioned space and wollaa it worked now dual booting with both systems running sweet obviously stopping me modifing any part of the mbr thanks for the help and sorry it was me that as fault and not the system (as always)

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