Linux - Which one?

  MrBen CI:-) 09:53 28 Oct 2007

Anyone know of a good Linux OS to get started with?

  dms05 10:15 28 Oct 2007

Start by looking at the wide number of Linux Live-CD's. These are bootable CD's that load Linux without using your HDD. See which Distro is most compatible with your hardware and which you like the feel of. Then you can install from the same Live-CD to your HDD, either as just Linux or a dual boot version of Windows and Linux.

My own favourite is PCLinux 2007. If you run XP then this Distro will look and feel very familiar. I use it a lot.

If you want something to run on an old PC then look at Slax which is a cut down version of Slackware. I can run this Distro on a 10 year old laptop with a 300MHz CPU and 4 Gb of HDD.

Others will recommend Ubuntu or Debian or ..... lots and lots available. So chose one that suits you.

  skidzy 10:17 28 Oct 2007

ive currently been trying out PCLinuxOS 2007,i really like this os as a beginner to Linux...but am having problems with the wireless connection.
Some very good info here and would recommend you read and follow up for some advice.

The advice is sound,and is really here

  LastChip 10:19 28 Oct 2007

As you may have found out, there are several hundred different versions of Linux distro's. A distro being a "packaging" of all the different programs you need to make a usable operating system.

However, to get back to your original question, If it is for home use, I would recommend trying PCLinuxOS first of all. click here It is probably the most user friendly and "Windows" like distro around. You can run it directly from the CD (you burn) and if you like it, install it onto your computer. For a "How do I" on that, click here You may also like to take a look at click here and click here

Alternatively, the distro taking news headlines at present is Ubuntu click here This is the distro being promoted (and supplied) by Dell in some of their machines. However, be aware that Ubuntu uses the "Gnome" desktop and can be likened to a MAC type interface, so the learning curve is a little more steep. If you would like to stay with that family, Kubuntu, is from the same group, but uses the "KDE" desktop, which for Windows users will be more familiar teritory.

All of these distro's can be run from the CD; albeit at a slower than usual speed. But it is a way to try them out and see if you like them.

For business use, SuSE takes a lot of beating.

  DieSse 10:28 28 Oct 2007

IMPO theses are the three to consider

Ubuntu/Kubuntu - these are basically the same linux - one with a Gnome disktop, the other with a KDE Desktop. KDE is a bit more "MSWindows"-like

Suse V10.3 - it's not fully released yet, but will be very soon - in the meantime you can play well with the beta release. You can choose Gnome or KDE when you install it. Suse is very polished compared to most other distros (versions of Linux)

PCLOS (PCLinux Operating System) - This uses KDE and is also very "Windows"-like.

Suse has built-in a preview of KDE Version4 - this is not due out quite yet, but improves the quality of desktop display by a large amount in some areas.

All come with OpenOffice, Firfox etc etc.

For old PCs my personal Choice is Puppy linux - it will run entirely in RAM without even needing a hard drive - even on really old systems it really flies.

A good place to look what's available, and to start looking for downloads is DistroWatch click here

Most distros will fit on a single CD - the full version of Suse is somewhat larger. They are all large downloads though (650-695MB) except things like Puppy.

  MrBen CI:-) 10:42 28 Oct 2007

WAs thinking of going in the deep end & buying a Laptop or PC with Linux preinstalled on it?

  LastChip 10:53 28 Oct 2007

You will be limited on the available machines and providers.

To the best of my knowledge, only Dell, HP and Lenovo supply Linux pre-installed and then only on certain machines.

On the plus side, you will get guaranteed compatibility.

  skidzy 10:55 28 Oct 2007

From a beginners point of view Ben,i wouldnt buy a preinstalled Linux computer.
Take the above advice and have a play around with a live cd first.
Do not install this to the harddive unless you are confident,you may have a few problems and lose/corrupt the current os installed.
Play with a few live cd's first as these will not install to the harddrive unless you say so.

  Hawy 11:13 28 Oct 2007

This might be usefulclick here

It installs Ubuntu like a program rather than messing about with your partitions and is therefor easy to uninstall.

  MrBen CI:-) 11:19 28 Oct 2007

Thanks everyone will have a look through all your Links.

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