linux which one

  picklsey 04:47 02 Mar 2007

tried to get ubuntu several times can,t get it to burn to cd.installed kubuntu not bad but as i am knew to this i was looking for advise as to which free linux is the easiest to use.i was having a look at freespire anyone know if it,s any good.looking for recommendations really.thanks in advance.

  octal 07:59 02 Mar 2007

I use Xandros (the paid for version) and I'm quite satisfied with it. I've got various live CD's from Slax, Puppy linux and Knoppix which are all good and have different programs on them, so I think it's down to personal choice in the end.

I was particularly impressed with Puppy linux as it's very fast to use and it loads in about a minute and you can save you personal settings for next time you boot it. The size on the CD is 85MB which is very small.

  picklsey 11:25 02 Mar 2007

sorry should have said tried puppy but my screen was massive and i couldn,t find how to lower the resolution so i can,t give a fair comment on it.what i,m looking for is personal experience as you have gave me.i may go for a paid for version in the future but want to try a few freebies out over the next month or so.i will be going to the shops shortly so will have a look to see what mags. are about......thanks for taking the time to reply.

  dth 12:01 02 Mar 2007

When you download a Linux distribution - you don't burn it to a cd/dvd in the normal way. You have to create (what is called a) ISO cd/dvd. If you check through the options on your cd/dvd burner programme you should find an ISO option.

Although if you are new to Linux it might be easier to go along to somewhere like W H Smiths - as they usually have a range of magazines that include Linux distributions with a guide to setting these up. Typically priced at between £3 to £10.

  picklsey 12:38 02 Mar 2007

i realise i have to create an iso cd/dvd,i managed to do it with kubunto & puppy but i cannot get it with ubuntu,keep getting read errors.i have downloaded from differnt sources and tried to burn them at very slow speed.i will check out the shops.i am also looking for people who have tried and stuck with linux and what they like about a particular 1 or 2,there are a lot to choose this is something new to me (only ever used windows)it would be nice to narrow it down...thanks for the reply.

  vinnyT 14:08 02 Mar 2007

Or, you could get the ubunto dev to send you a cd, free and gratis, from click here.

You will have to create an account/password (no credit card details are required).

The versions shipped are not the latest, but are still supported.

Or, ubunto 6.10 is on the cover disk of pcplus 253 (march 2007).

Hope this helps.

  picklsey 14:39 02 Mar 2007

thanks for that will have a look in the shops tomorrow .

  dth 16:45 02 Mar 2007

Apologies - no offense meant with the iso guidance. it is just an easy trap to fall into. The magazine route sounds like the easier option.

To the second part of your question - I have been using Linux for several years now. At first it seemed a bit strange (as I was so used to using Windows) but these days I find I can do much more using Linux (the OpenSuse distribution) than I can with using Windows XP or Vista. So although I have both on my P/C I hardy ever use Windows.

Although the internal workings of Linux are the same - most of the different distributions are different. With Ubuntu possibly being the current flavour of the month - but it is really a case of playing with a few different ones and finding one that you prefer.

In saying that Linux isn't for everyone - especially not on the games front. Personally I can't see myself ever going back to Windows (as I would find it too restrictive) but it is just a case of choice.

  picklsey 20:31 02 Mar 2007

absolutly no need to apologies it,s always better to assume that whoever you are offering advise to is they no nothing.(i prefer it that way)i,ve been trying most of the day to get an iso burnt and getting nowhere untill about an hour ago.could not get my downloads to burn to a cd,so i thought i would try a dvd and it worked with no read errors.thought great installed freespire install went ok but i can,t connect to the net through router.anway tomorrows another day and i have had enough for the day....once again thanks for your help and advise.

  woodchip 21:10 02 Mar 2007

Some hear you can try without loading onto your hard drive. Linux Live CD's click here

  picklsey 03:35 03 Mar 2007

nice link thanks.

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