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  Ronnie268 07:14 14 Jul 2008

I am building a website hosted at home.

At the moment I am using Windows 2000, but with support and updating options, I would like to move to Linux.

I tried Debian server, but it has no Graphical User Interface and configuring the domain name is really difficult.

What Linux Server Distributions have a Graphical User Interface (GUI) as default?


Ronnie 268

  LastChip 10:48 14 Jul 2008

and then install the "lamp" server.

l: Linux
a: Apache
m: MySQL
p: PHP

click here_(software_bundle)

You can always get rid of anything within the desktop that you don't want, by using the package manager to un-install those packages.

Then use webmin or something similar to access the server components.

There's huge amounts of help available on-line.

It'll do everything you want.

Or, install a GUI onto Debian (which is a superb server) and then webmin in the same manner.

If you use the command:

apt-get update

will update your system database to the latest packages.

Next, the command:

apt-get upgrade

will bring your system up to date.

Now, the command:

apt-cache search kde


apt-cache search gnome

you should find a whole list of KDE (or gnome) related packages.

The command:

apt-get install [package name]

will install anything you want, so at this point, you could install either the KDE or Gnome desktop and then webmin to control your server via a GUI.

The command:


should fire up your chosen desktop.

If it were me, the Debian option is the path I'd take, as I feel it's a better option, with a far less bloated footprint and oh so stable! (this is being written on Debian).

To answer your original question, you will find almost no Linux servers that have a GUI as "standard", as it is thought in the server world, they are an unwelcome overhead, but as more and more ex-Windows users join in, GUI's are becoming more commonplace as an addition.

  Ronnie268 12:18 14 Jul 2008

Thank you very much for the help.

I used Debian on my previous server, but couldn't configure apache to work with either or Is there a GUI for apache or another such program with GUI?

Ronnie 268

  LastChip 12:33 14 Jul 2008
  Ronnie268 20:03 22 Aug 2008

Brilliant. Thank you for all replies.

You can see my website happily running thanks to you at click here


Ronnie 268

  LastChip 14:04 23 Aug 2008

Glad it worked for you.

A couple of notes.

Your blog link doesn't work; I get a message "connecting to", which of course is an internal address.

If you think about linking any Linux User Groups (LUGS), I'd be delighted to give you the first.

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