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  stingray 19:59 06 Jan 2008

I have just downloaded and saved ubuntu 7.10 and saved it to my computer. It is a 698mb iso file.
I have a second computer which at this time has no os and I have just formatted the hd ready to accept linux, could somebody explain the rest of the procedure to get linux off my computer and into the new one please. If I burn this program to cd and set the bios to boot from cdrom will this program install like windows?
Thank you

  MAJ 20:03 06 Jan 2008

You'll have to choose the "burn image" option in your burning software, don't just burn the file as data. Yes it should boot and install.

  octal 20:06 06 Jan 2008

You need to burn the iso file to a CD then just put the CD into the computer you want to put Linux on, making sure the CD drive is the first to boot, then boot the computer with the Linux CD in and that's about it, just follow the wizards, it couldn't be easier, in fact easier than Windows I always find.

  skidzy 20:08 06 Jan 2008

To burn an iso you need something like Nero or Imgburn,
Imgburn free click here

Download Imgburn
Insert a blank cd-r
Open Imgburn
Select file
Browse to the saved download (Ubuntu) and select
click write

Imgburn will now burn the iso image for you.

Change the bios to boot from cd as first boot device.

Insert the burnt cd (Ubuntu)
Now follow the instructions either to run from live cd or install.

I would recommend you play with the live cd first till you get the hang of the OS.

Once happy,install this and if all runs ok....delete the desktop download and run ccleaner to cleanup click here

  skidzy 20:09 06 Jan 2008

Sorry guys,was typing as you posted. :-))

  octal 20:13 06 Jan 2008

here you are, especially for you click here :D

  skidzy 20:20 06 Jan 2008

Thanks but no thanks Lol.

My two finger typing is good for now at the moment ha ha.:-))))

Il end up knotting my fingers Lol.

  stingray 20:28 06 Jan 2008

Thanks for the advise guys and the speed of it I wont get a chance to try this till next weekend but will keep you posted as to my progress, thanks again.

  DieSse 21:30 06 Jan 2008

When you run the CD it will run as a "live CD" - that is it won't install, but will run from the CD without affecting your hard drive at all.

This gives you the chance to try out more than one "flavour" of linux if you wish - without committing yourself.

On the desktop you'll see an "Install" icon" - clicking this will do the full install onto your hard drive. All liveCDs work pretty much like this.

Other flavours of Linux you might like to try - PCLinuxOS (often called PCLOS), OpenSuse 10.3, Fedora8.

For a view of the latest versions have a look at DistroWatch click here

  DieSse 21:37 06 Jan 2008

Bear in mind there are several different "desktops" (ie the way the desktop on the screen looks and works). The main two are the Gnome desktop, looks a bit unusual, with the taskbar at the top of the screen. And the KDE desktop, which is more Windows like.

Ubuntu is Gnome - Kubuntu is KDE. PCLOS has both Gnome and KDE versions - the main distribution being KDE. OpenSuse has the choice of both.

There are other desktops - Xfce, Fluxbox, Icewm, and so on. Generally there are less resource intensive and well suited to older, slower systems with less RAM. See Xubuntu for a popular system with Xfce.

  stingray 15:41 13 Jan 2008

Thanks you guys for all your help burnt image and install was as easy as you said. Thanks again

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