Linux Suse 9.3 coexisting with WinXP Pro

  dregn 07:39 23 Sep 2005

I am running Win XP Pro - NTFS formatted.
I installed a new HDD and I have installed Suse 9.3 on the new drive. I think I must have missed something during the install with regard to dual booting and wish to enable this. Rather than risk 'disturbing' the Windows OS I believe that I can install a boot loader on a floppy ( or a flash drive ? )which will allow me to boot Suse when needed.
As I am new to Linux I regard this as a learning operation but using WinXP primarily.
Any ideas or suggestions much appreciated.

  Chegs ® 08:10 23 Sep 2005

During Suse install,the OS asks where to put the bootloader(Grub or Lilo)If you want it on floppy,or MBR.I usually let it install Grub to MBR,with no problems.Then once installed,boot to Suse install and change the 1st boot option of Grub to XP.

  dregn 08:16 23 Sep 2005


Thank you for that.
I think I will reinstall Suse 9.3 and pick up on your advice.Do I need to uninstall Suse and begin again ?

  djbenny 09:04 23 Sep 2005

wher can SuSe 9.3 be downloaded from i have only found the live edition, as i'm trying todo the same thing with a SATA to your qwuestion reinstall SuSe

  dagwoood 10:17 23 Sep 2005

If you scroll down this page, you'll find the U.K.mirror sites for Suse 9.3 click here

HTH, dagwoood.

  Chegs ® 10:37 23 Sep 2005

Due to the large d/l's for Suse I would take the easy option and keep an eye out for it on a mags coverdisk(or,I have Suse 9.2 DVD,if you contact me via email I will send you a copy of my disc)

  vinnyT 13:13 23 Sep 2005

It's on the October (Issue 59) of Linux Magazine

On the DVD: Suse Linux 9.3 Professional

* Full Professional version
* 4.2 GB DVD including 32-bit and 64-bit versions
* Full hard disk install
* Out-of-the-box solutions for client and server
* Full office suite and digital picture organizer
* Spam blocker, anti-virus, and firewall protection

Please note this is on DVD and not CD.

Hope this helps.

  vinnyT 13:14 23 Sep 2005

Ps only seen this mag in whsmiths (but that maybe cause I'm in dopey Norfolk;-).

  dregn 17:48 23 Sep 2005

I am unable to boot with Suse which is on my new HDD. I have tried changing the boot order in BIOS to no avail and wonder if I need to install it again ( on top of the existing )and then place the bootloader ( Grub/Lilo )on a floppy. Is it possible to put it on a USB Flashdrive, which I use a lot,anyway?

  dth 11:09 27 Sep 2005

What happens when you switcg on your computer? Does it start Windows, Suse or do you get an error message? If the latter what does it say?

And yes you can install the Suse bootloader on a floppy disc. So it does not affect your Windows start up etc.

  dregn 06:27 29 Sep 2005

I was getting an error message - grub loader unable to load ( I can't remember the exact terminology )and I was having problems getting WinXP to boot. As it was a fresh install of XP I installed XP again and I have decided that I will use my old PC for running Linux alone and abandon dual booting.
Thanks to everyone for your help.

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