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  jon2 18:37 16 Aug 2011

I am having trouble with sound, or the lack of it in my Linux OS 2011 system, although I can use skype with no trouble I can't get any sound when I try a video clip from the internet, as I am new to Linux any help would be appreciated.

  LastChip 19:31 16 Aug 2011

If you hover over the "speaker icon", is the sound turned right up (100%)?

If so, you'll need to find the mixer desk and make sure the channel you want to receive is not muted and is set to a suitable volume. I don't have that distro available to me at the moment, but you may find it in something like: System --> Control Centre.

See how you get on and if you need more help, please come back and tell us.

  jon2 09:43 17 Aug 2011

have checked the system control for the sound output and it seems set as should be, have tried a few different settings but no good.

  LastChip 10:10 17 Aug 2011

OK, what sound card do you have?

  LastChip 10:15 17 Aug 2011

Oh, and which desktop have you got? KDE or LXDE?

  jon2 10:28 17 Aug 2011

I have a asrock board with onboard sound and its KDE this is the readout from the control centre of Linux (your card use the Alsa snd_intel8*o driver) which is the one I have selected

  LastChip 13:12 17 Aug 2011

Open a terminal and type:

cat modules

hit Enter

and make sure your driver is listed.

If necessary, type:


hit Enter to quit.

Let me know please.

  LastChip 13:18 17 Aug 2011

Whoops! Sorry, I missed a command in my hurry.

The first command should take you to your /etc directory and should be typed as follows:

cd /etc

that's cd space and then /etc

now continue with the previous.

  jon2 19:04 17 Aug 2011

sorry but all I get is directory not found, your instructions are CD/ECT first then cat modules enter, make sure driver is listed,qto quit

  octal 21:23 17 Aug 2011

A better command might be


The post a screen shot, it should look something like this.

  LastChip 21:46 17 Aug 2011

OK, if that's what you're typing, it's not going to work.

And probably in my rush earlier, I didn't make it as clear as I should have.

First, everything you do in Linux is case sensitive, so I don't know whether you're just emphasising what you've done, or if it's the command you used, but if you used capital letters, it won't work. I note also, you didn't put a space between the cd and the /etc

I'll go through the procedure again and try and explain it a little more clearly.

There are essentially three separate commands and the first two have to be individually executed by hitting the "Enter" key.

The first command stands for change directory (cd) you then need a space to separate a command from it's parameters. In this case, we want to change directory to /etc. So the whole command is:

cd /etc

and then hit the enter key.

Your prompt should now look something like this:

YourUser[email protected]ComputerName:/etc$

The $ sign means you are accessing the file as a normal user and therefore, can't do any major damage. If you accessed as root (another story), the $ would change to a # and you could potentially wreck the system. But that's for another day!

So to recap, if your log-on name were jon2 and the computer was called sunshine, your command line would look like this once you'd completed the first command:

[email protected]:/etc$

That means, you are now in the /etc directory and the file we want to look at, lives there.

The "cat" command, is simply saying let me read the contents of the file. Once again, we have to separate the command and the parameter, so we use; cat, space, file. Therefore, as we want to look at the modules file, the command would look like this:

cat modules

Once again, we have to hit the "Enter" key, to execute the command, so go ahead and hit "Enter".

You should now see the contents of that file and what we need to know, is whether your sound driver is in there. Once you know the result, you can hit q (all on it's own and no enter this time), which will exit you out of cat and back to your command prompt.

I hope that's a whole lot clearer.

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