Linux size and format

  saxman 20:00 28 Feb 2005

I have tried to load mandrake Linux10.1 which I downloaded and put on DVD. When I ran it I received the warning insufficient disk space I removed the boot up components one at a time and received the same message even when I was down to one. The drive was 2.1gig. I now have a drive that nothing recognizes. My question is:- what size drive do you need to load all components of Linux and what format does Linux use ??

  octal 21:07 28 Feb 2005

This might be worth a read: click here

I don't think your drive will be big enough. I run Xandros and have just checked how much mine uses, its 1.85GB including all the applications, plus you need to include the swap file which could take up a few hundred meg.

  Chegs ® 21:38 28 Feb 2005

Linux auto-install wont partition the hdd to allow ALL the boxes ticked,I manually cfg'ed the partitions with 1Gb(ish)as root,and approx 500ish MB as swap.I could then install MDK with either KDE or GNOME and the games and office boxes ticked.I had a couple of 2.1Gb hdd's so connected those both with 2.1Gb hdd as root,and the other carrying the swap partition.In that way I could install ALL the MDK apps and both KDE/GNOME desktops.

  LastChip 22:46 28 Feb 2005

It should go on a 2.1 Gig drive with no problem, but as octal suggests, take a look at how to install it first. My own installation takes about 1.5Gigs, but includes open office, browsers and so on; a standard installation.

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