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  eivets 13:07 22 Mar 2005

Folks, im totally new to redhat, basically trying to teach myself the basic commands for editing txt files. Can anyone help me with these? Basic commands for find and replace, moving txt paragraphs etc.

Or can anyone recommend a very basic linux help website?


  Chegs ® 14:28 22 Mar 2005

click here

I used these d/l's to master the basics of linux,using these I have managed(upto now)to get by in the strange world of linux command lines. :-)

  eivets 16:38 22 Mar 2005

Thanks thats very helpful...Im actually trying to sort a text file by one column, is there any way to do this?

  octal 17:40 22 Mar 2005

If you've only one column then just type sort <name>. If want to reverse the sort type sort -r <name>

  eivets 20:12 22 Mar 2005

sorry i should have said its actually 3 columns, ad im wanting to sort the data by the third, im sure this is possible just that because i am totally new to this i dont know how to do it.


  smudge101 20:14 22 Mar 2005

try googling for grep man

  smudge101 20:20 22 Mar 2005

Alot of the solution will depend on what seperates your 3 columns. do you just want to sort the one column or change the order of all columns based on the order of the first column?

  eivets 20:22 22 Mar 2005

Sorry i want to sort all the data based on column 3, is this possible?

  smudge101 22:03 22 Mar 2005

Nothing is impossible with text files in unix, it has been a while since I have done any shell scripting though so it may take me a day or two to come up with something.

  smudge101 14:24 25 Mar 2005

Sorry I have not had time to look really closly at your problem (pressures @ work).

However I have found an example of sorting by columns
click here

I think this contains all the info you should need to do the job.

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