Linux Question Only a Quickie......

  Pilch from 22:35 02 Jul 2003

Is most hardware compatable with linux?

Just after my next build i will have a spare machine, and so am thinking about putting linux onto it.

The spec of the machine will be

ECS K7S5A board
512mb SD 133mhz
GF4 MX440
Realtec Nic
Sound blaster 5.1
80GB Western and Digital Drive...

This is just a question outta curiousity...

  zanwalk 22:56 02 Jul 2003

Most common hardware is compatable with Linux with the exception of modems, it must be a hardware modem and most common internal modems are software based. Not a serious problem as long as you are willing to purchase a suitable one.

It's a sensible decision to use Linux on a spare computer as then you are not able lose any important data, if you really mess it up, just reformat and start again. There are plenty of Linux distros on various magazine cover disks for you to try out.

  woodchip 23:08 02 Jul 2003

scanners can be a problem

I dont need to worry about modem's, i have broadband through a router (DSL 504)

What networking protocol's do Linux use?

  woodchip 23:17 02 Jul 2003

I think it's the same TCP/IP I did not have a problem with modem it set it up on install, I have a external DYNAMODE modem with a Rockwell chipset

would be ok on my current set up?

I have 2 machines running XP home and so would able to access the net which would be my main concern....

It is something that i never have had a straight answer 2....

  woodchip 23:32 02 Jul 2003

YES...... To setup you need a program like Partition Magic or Acronis if you want to load on the same drive, you just use the program to make the existing partition smaller so it leaves about 3gb of unused space on the drive ie not a partition as Linux will do that for you when it set's itself up. I would suggest that when you install, load the boot loader to a floppy disk so it does not load to the MBR, and when you want to use Linux you would start with the floppy disc

a partition say 10gb

then can install onto that?

  woodchip 23:44 02 Jul 2003

You do not create a partition if you do you will create probs you just make some free space on the drive like if you have a 30gb drive with xp on it you make the xp partition say 20gb withe software that I said above and you do not do anything with what?s left it's just spare 10gb unused space on the drive linux will see the space and prompt you to load it there

Ok so i have the CD's, i just boot straight off them i take it to load up the installation process.

Then i take it that dual booting setup is done automatically??

  woodchip 00:11 03 Jul 2003

Last answer for tonight, off to bed then. Yes if the bios is set to boot from the CD as the first boot device you just put number one disc in if this is a retail package. Second no it will not create dual boot unless you let it, and if you have XP on the drive it may cause you problems allowing it to do that. That?s why I said above to load the boot loader to a floppy disc when it ask's where you want to put it. It will do this early on in the instalation.
yours Woodchip

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