Linux Question... deamon

  EmBeZzLeR 22:14 27 May 2003

What's the background program (daemon) which should be running in order for mountd and exportfs to function correctly?

  woodchip 22:25 27 May 2003
  EmBeZzLeR 20:38 28 May 2003

can someone actually tell me instead of posting unless links where i cannot find anything.

  EmBeZzLeR 21:59 28 May 2003


  Dr. Charles 22:13 28 May 2003

daemon runs all sorts. With respect I would suggest if you are taking an interest to this extent, buy the Red Hat Linux Bible.I have it for version 7.2 no doubt they do it for 8.You will get along much more easily with help from this sort of book than posting here. Its written by Christopher Negus.

Your interest in Linux is obviously there, and this sort of reference book will help you much more than many postings here, and it is much more explicet



  EmBeZzLeR 22:17 28 May 2003

thanks, i will get myself some books. Thanks.

  Dr. Charles 02:18 29 May 2003

If your broke use the library, they usually have a good selection.

I was unaware you were using linux 8 till that last posting.

Linux is a wonderful world of simplicity once you get setup. I use a separate computer as I don`t trust partitioning on my MS PC. I know loads of people do run both, its just if I do have a crash then its most difficult especially if you have exam results on it and other important information.Enjoy Linux !!!!!

Best wishes ,


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