Linux-performance issue.

  dagwoood 20:03 11 Oct 2005

I have been trying various distros of Linux(kernel 2.6.x.x)and have noticed that with every one I have tried, they seem to take an age to boot/shut-down. Is this normal for Linux?

On my system, XP fully boots in under 50seconds, and takes less than 15 to shut down. I thought Linux was supposed to be comparable to XP with regards to performance? Or are there any tweaks I should be using?

I prefer Xandros out of the distros I've tried(Suse 10, Mandriva, Linspire Five O), it seems easier to use, especially for a Linux newbie like myself. I have the latest open circulation version(3.02)and it's on a partition on my main hard drive. System specs, Athlon XP 3200+, 1.5GB RAM, 120GB Seagate H/D, Gigabyte nforce2 chipset motherboard. Xandros is on a 11GB partition..

Any advice appreciated, dagwoood.

  Jonathan rawlins 20:21 11 Oct 2005

I have a maschine which i have built with suse9.3 instaled on it. It takes about 3 minutes to boot up, so it is just one of those things with it. Good luck with your machine.

  igk 20:37 11 Oct 2005

Its just one of those things! I'm running Suse 9.3 pro and it takes about 3 mins but hey who gives a damn!! no antivirus no adware no trojans no more cowtowing to Billy Gates and all for between £7.50 (ebay)and £60 retail not £200 and god knows what!!!
And it comes with every application that anyone could need...

  Mikè 20:44 11 Oct 2005

Ubuntu Linux 1.5 min's to desktop (inc entering password).

  octal 21:13 11 Oct 2005

My Xandros takes 1 minute 40 seconds from when I first switch on till I can start using the it. The nice thing about it, it never varies, not like my Windows 98SE when it used to take longer as all the dross collected on it. I was always clearing it out, so I don't mind the extra wait, its well worth it.

  octal 21:21 11 Oct 2005

Sorry, forgot the computer specs:

HP Pavilion, 1.2GB AMD Athlon, mobo Asus A7V-ML 1.09, 256MB RAM, Quantum Fireball HD 30GB, ST340810A HD 40GB.

You haven't said how long yours takes to boot up or shut down?

By the way, it takes just over a minute to shut down.

  dagwoood 00:13 12 Oct 2005

..thanks for all the input guys, at least I know it's not just me.

Octal, it doesn't matter which distro I run, they all take over 2 minutes, Suse 10 being the worst at about 3 minutes. Xandros is quicker than the others at shutting down, takes about a minute.

I can't understand why my machine, with a higher spec, takes longer than yours.

As an aside, igk, I downloaded Suse 10, so it didn't cost me a penny. It took just over 2 hours though.

  Chegs ® 00:38 12 Oct 2005

If you take a look at the items being booted up,often you'll find its cfg of a LAN card takes an age(at least it does with mine)Usually there's a key needs pressed to access (I think) verbose mode,so you can have a shufty at whats what.

  octal 06:49 12 Oct 2005

I think there was some issue about booting up in the Xandros forums a while ago. If I remember correctly there is a way of getting it to boot quicker, if I can find it I'll post back.

  octal 07:10 12 Oct 2005

Well, I've found this thread click here but I must admit a lot of it is beyond me, it makes me wonder if some of these Linux aficionado's speak any known language considering the guy who started the thread stated he was "linux dumb" I notice poor old coffeegrinds hasn't posted back in his thread, it seems his probably been frightened off by the information overload.

I'm just wondering if I should post in that thread tactfully pointing this out to them, or do you think it will cause bad feeling? I notice there are some regular posters in there as well.......second thoughts, I'll leave alone. I don't suppose they even realise what they have done.

  dagwoood 10:35 12 Oct 2005

Thanks for finding that thread for me, and I agree with you, most of it reads as gibberish to me :( No wonder coffeegrinds didn't post back.

I'm going to try and muddle my way through the thread and see if I can get any of it to work.

Cheers, dagwoood.

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