Linux Mandrake 9.0

  poogles_uk 07:31 28 May 2003

Ive installed 9.0 and when i start it i only get text based, how do i get graphical for login and use? And how do i get it to use it permenantly?

How can i get powerquest boot magic or osl to load it, as they wont and i have to use the boot floppy.

Please Help

  Tesman 08:25 28 May 2003

Log in with your user name and password, and type "startx" minus the quotes.

Mandrake should have given you the opportunity to test your screen configuration during the install-assuming that was okay, you may have inadvertently omitted to set the x-server to start on bootup. Let me know if you get a usable display with the startx command, and I'll take it from there.

Sorry, can't help you with bootmagic or osl, sa I don't use them.

  zanwalk 08:35 28 May 2003

If you look on the PM cd you will find a manual which will help you through the steps to installing and configuring Boot Magic.

  poogles_uk 07:07 29 May 2003

so login and type starx what will happen then? Is there a way to get it to prementantly to load graphical? Or does this come later?

  Tesman 07:52 29 May 2003

Okay-assuming you get a usable display after you've typed "startx", you should be looking at the Mandrake First Time Wizard, which asks a few simple questions about your preferred desktop, email prog, etc.

I'd choose kde for your desktop at least to begin with, as it's most like Windows, and very easy to navigate. To give you a graphical login and bring you straight into kde, open the Konsole (bottom left of the taskbar, looks like a little TV screen). The prompt should say something like [[email protected] poogles]$ ,or whatever your login name is. Type "su" without the quotes and enter your Root password which will bring you into Root or "SuperUser" mode and allow you to modify files, etc.

Type "kedit /etc/inittab" (no quotes again) at the next prompt, and you'll see the kedit text editor open the appropriate file. Look at the part which says

"id:(number, probably 3):initdefault:"

Change the number between the colons to 5, save the changes and you'll have full graphical mode on your next reboot.

Hope this helps,


  poogles_uk 08:07 29 May 2003

Nope that doesn't work. I didn't test my display config so that may be the problem, i know i pressed to star xFree or whatever in install as i re-installed it. When i run start x it says that a server crashed and other errors.

  Tesman 09:31 29 May 2003

Oh dear! Well, to save you reinstalling, try configuring your display in text mode. At the login prompt, login as "root" with your root password, and
type the following (exactly,Linux is case-conscious):


You'll be able to set up a basic configuration file for your graphics, monitor, keyboard, etc, which should at least get you some semblance of a graphical desktop. One thing though-you will need to know your graphics card model and your monitor refresh rates.... Otherwise it's pretty self explanatory-just answer y or n when prompted. There will be a tad more tweaking to be done afterwards, but hopefully you'll get somewhere.

Let me know how you get on.

  poogles_uk 07:13 30 May 2003

Cant get boot magic to work with the instructions. Ill use lilo.

It is definately a graphics problem, ive reinstalled it again, and i have a XFX GeForce 4 Ti4200 128 DDR AGP 8x graphics card and i tried all the ge-force nvidia drivers and they don't work. When i type startx i get told to go to and look for a newer version (newer version of what)? As if it is newer then 3rd September 2002 and mine was bought early 2003.

Ill try that. Is there any way to change the lilo default boot up?

  poogles_uk 08:58 30 May 2003

Ive given up, that doesn't work, linx4win cant be found. Thanks for your help, but im gonna try it on virtual pc and my spare machine with older graphics

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