Linux log on problem

  geoff47 22:20 16 Feb 2003

Have this very minute installed Linux Mandrake all seems to be well until I rebooted and cmae to the OS selection screen.
Options are linux/windows/defaulty/and floppy
when I choose Linux it asks for log in...
I type my name and my chosen password and am presented with the line.......
[email protected]
If not that then it says wrong password..
You have a root password and a log on password...its possible that I mixed them up but have tried every combination....What have I got wrong?Please help this silly non technical person.

  LastChip 22:39 16 Feb 2003

It looks as though you may not have chosen a default GUI (graphical user interface).

I think what may be happening, is you are logging onto a command line, rather than a GUI. (Similar to booting into DOS).

Mandrake usually has two possibilities for desktops, KDE and Gnome. Did you choose one of them to load as default?

  geoff47 22:53 16 Feb 2003

I did choose a that what I should choose when given the chance at the option screen?
Will try it now, if it works will send you a big kiss.....oh no I wont...sorry.Would a pint do?

  geoff47 23:11 16 Feb 2003

OK lets admit it I did get my root password and my log on mixed up....but when it is wrong get the message wrong password.When I have gone through all the variations on one option get the message..
Last Log on: date time on vc1 (date and time correct)
After the message
[email protected]$
It must be the right log on....mustnt it?
Pulling my hair our here and I have not a lot to spare..

  LastChip 23:33 16 Feb 2003

What I was trying to explain (perhaps badly) was that when you loaded Mandrake initially, it should have asked you to select a default desktop.

Do you remember doing that?

If you chose not to, it will not boot into a GUI, it will automatically boot to a command prompt. You have to remember, Linux was designed by professionals mainly initially for server use, and so the command prompt was the way they wanted to go. This limits the amount of processing power required by the operating system to run.

Having said that, Mandrake takes most of the guesswork from the installation, and there are only a few questions you have to answer, as most of the installation is automatically configured for you.

  geoff47 23:43 16 Feb 2003

NO !!!!
Do you think I unticked both possibilties?To be honest it could have happened.
What should I do now?

  LastChip 19:42 17 Feb 2003

Is re-install Mandrake, using all the default settings, and making sure you select a desktop as default.

I am sure there is a way to launch KDE or Gnome from a command prompt, but like many here, I am still on a steep learning curve myself, and do not at present have the knowledge to help you further.

If Taran reads this, he may be able to advise you, as he has significant knowledge of Linux systems, and can probably give you the required commands to load your desktop at boot-up. So you may wish to hold fire for a little longer, to see if someone else can throw any information your way.

  LastChip 22:41 17 Feb 2003

leads me to believe that you may not even be at a command line.

From what I read, your command line should look something like this;

geoff@(computer name or localhost) geoff]$

It looks to me that maybe the system is hanging somewhere after entering your password.

  Stuy 00:12 18 Feb 2003

To start a gui(gnome/kde etc.) at command type "startx".

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