Linux Lite Administrator access

  MartynH 17:43 31 Aug 2009

My wife has a Acer One Net book which came pr-loaded with Linux Lite. We are trying to download and install Flash player but it tells us that we need administrator rights, how do I change to Administrator?


  LastChip 17:57 31 Aug 2009

There's a few questions here and I can't say I'm particularly familiar with the Acer One system, but first we need to clear a few things up.

First, in Linux, the administrator is known as "root". But depending on how Acer has set up your system, it maybe, that you are indeed required to be the administrator. The problem is, instead of just using one of the many terrific Linux distros available, these manufacturers will "fiddle" with the system and hence the whole thing becomes non-standard.

Second, when you say you are trying to download Flash Player, I wonder exactly what you mean. Normally in Linux, there is a distro "repository" that has all the software you need for your computer, already configured and ready to go. All you do, is mark an application for installation and the system downloads the app. and installs it for you without any further input from you.

Third, if you're trying to download a Windows exe file, there is no way it will work in Linux, so don't even try.

You may be well advised to look at the Acer One forums, as almost certainly, someone has done what you wish to do before you and all the information will probably be there for you to see.

  LastChip 18:42 31 Aug 2009

You need to enhance the options available, which makes the system far more adaptable.

click here

Once you've got Add/Remove software, you should be able to install Flash Player or indeed, anything else you want.

  octal 20:59 31 Aug 2009

I got myself a Netbook and it had a version of Ubuntu light on it, I hated it with a passion, it was the most user unfriendly system I've ever used. It soon got removed and my favourite Linux got installed instead. It's a pity that this is most peoples introduction to Linux, it isn't a very good advert, no wonder people shy away from it.

Sorry, I feel better for that rant :)

  scotty 22:45 31 Aug 2009

I have been playing with a One for the past week (A110, 8G SSD, Linpus) and I am pretty impressed. LastChips's link to is really useful, lots of information and HowTos on the site. I have managed to get a reasonable set-up with Linpus and a quick back-up imager to an external harddrive using the information from that site. I have also installed Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR) and had a good set-up. UNR was better for linking to networks. Linpus does not make networking easy! (Octal, I feel comfortable with ubuntu as it is the linux OS I have used most - it is not that bad!)

The backup/restore script allowed me to revert from UNR to a saved Linpus setup in 6 minutes.

Great piece of gear!

  MartynH 22:15 02 Sep 2009

Thanks for the advice, I have used 'LastChip's advice and am getting somewhere...

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