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  5starred 09:47 03 Nov 2008

I wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction to get some help using Linux booting from Knoppix. I am trying to recover files that appear to be lost during problems with Windows XP before I do a format. I was given the Knoppix disc by a friend as a last resort but am not sure how to use it. I have managed to get to the point where I have most of the photos and documents that I require but I can't find some files that were in Kodak Easyshare software. I have found some of the photos from within the Kodak folder but these are the ones that have been edited. Any help or advice would be most welcome as I just seem to be going around in circles.

  LastChip 10:05 03 Nov 2008

Why not just burn (in Knoppix) the whole of your folder where these images are to a CD/DVD and then check on another computer they are accessible.

You can even image the whole drive if it's not too big. Though that's a bit of a waste of effort, if you only need a few files.

You can then recover the files from the CD/DVD at your leisure.

Or do you mean, Knoppix is not mounting the drive you need to get to the files?

Which version of Knoppix are you using?

  5starred 23:02 04 Nov 2008

The version on Knoppix I am using is 5.3.1

These are the instructions that I have followed but I can't seem to locate some pictures.

click here

Will keep trying but any help or suggestions would be greatly received.

  LastChip 00:20 05 Nov 2008

When you say you can't seem to locate some of the pictures, can you be more specific.

Do you mean they are not where you thought they were, or you can't access the hard drive or what?

  DieSse 11:08 05 Nov 2008

"I can't find some files that were in Kodak Easyshare software"

The issue is that files aren't IN software - they're in folders. Many of these picture handling programs don't just use a folder within the program folder - but simply refer to other folders elsewhere on the system - ie point to them, rather than contain them.

So it depends a lot where the "missing" files were actually stored. Pictures are stored in the My Pictures folder by many programs - but you may have chosen your own folders too.

So really the only way is to hunt through the drive thoroughly. If you can do a search with the search mask as *.jpg - and all the other possible extension names too, that might be the quickest way.

  5starred 09:05 06 Nov 2008

I followed the instruction above (even though my version is different) and yes it works fine.

DieSse - that is what I have encountered the folders that I am looking for I can't seem to locate. I have tried a search by *.jpg but to no avail they don't appear to be in here. I will try and search again but don't hold much hope based on what I have found so far.

Thanks once again for the input.

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