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  mick7 21:39 27 Feb 2007

I have tried a few different versions of Linux and not been able to connect to the internet, does anyone know if this is a common problem, I have tried PC pitstop Linux forum and did not get a reply, I would like to try Damn small Linux, I am using a Sony laptop (I do not know if this makes any difference) any help would be gratefully appreciated. Cheers. Mick.

  smudge101 21:54 27 Feb 2007


I would recommend that you try puppy linux 2.14, it runs as a live CD so you can try it without installing to your hard drive and see if your hardware is compatible etc. If you like it you can install it to your hard drive or a usb drive, I have even heard of people installing it on CF cards.

The down load is only 80mb approx so about 10 mins on a reasonable adsl connection. You then burn the iso to cd using nero or deepburner or similar, then you are ready to boot!

The OS itself is very lean and mean, I have a couple of old PIII optiplexes here and they boot in less than 1 minute, generally the speed whilst carrying out any task is awsome.

The help forum is friendly & helpful and there are flash tutorials on all the basics of setting up and basic tasks etc.

Pop over to the forum and have a browse you will be made welcome:
click here

And if you find you would like to give it a try then the downloads can be found here:
click here

How do you connect to the internet, what hardware do you use? I may be able to give you a head start .

I tried several live CDs a few weeks back and not one of them automatically connected to the internet (which Windows does). I finally managed to get it to work by writing down all the IP details while running Windows and then entering them in Linux.

To get these, go to start, run, type 'cmd' and press enter. Type 'ipconfig /all' into command prompt and this will display all your connection details.

  smudge101 22:03 27 Feb 2007

I should just add that although it is a very small download (comparatively speaking) it is a fully functional desktop environment (in fact I only boot into windows now and again when my work needs it)

Just about everything is set up with wizards.

Some screenshots are here:
click here

  mac75 22:29 27 Feb 2007

hi mick7,

i use ubuntu 6.06.1(live) and it connects to the net no problem at all thru my router. i've tried using it with a dial up connection in the past, but couldn't get it to work.


  mick7 23:02 27 Feb 2007

Thanks for the info, I am on dial-up (with Onspeed)I will try and get a copy of puppy Linux 2.14, my latest attempt was with Damnsmalllinux run from CD. and I thought I had entered everything but no go, I will try again with "[email protected]" suggestion, I will try the forum smudge 107 advises, I beleive if you connect with a router as mac 1 says, the connection is automatic. Cheers guys.

  Ashrich 23:34 27 Feb 2007

What type of modem are you using , because if it is any type of Win Modem then the correct drivers are going to be difficult , it can be done with some , but it is difficult .Find the make of modem you have installed then Google for it to see if there are available drivers for it .


My advice was based on the assumption that you were connected to a LAN, not using a dial-up modem, sorry, I should have made that clear.

I have no experience of Linux and dial up so I can't offer any more help sorry.

  Ashrich 20:33 28 Feb 2007

I have got Linux to connect through dial up , although my experience was with Mandriva not Ubuntu , but it can't be that different . Do you see the modem in the hardware list ? If not it is either a Winmodem that is only for Windows or it doesn't have a built in driver , as I said , find out what modem you have built into your Sony and have a Google about .


  mick7 23:16 28 Feb 2007

Thanks for all the replies, I am hoping to upgrade to Broadband soon, so I may as well leave it till then. Cheers. Mick.

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