Linux Help!! Im very confused!

  Bob The Nob© 21:13 14 May 2005

I am a Linux virgin, I have never used it an wanted to try it.
My mate gave me Debian Linux I386. I have rattled my brain for weeks trying to get it to work. Is this linux distro just a command promt?
I have tried typing 'startx' once I have logged in but it just brings up an error about screensavers.
My xwindows thingy is KDE as my friend recomended it. My friend didn't have this trouble.
Is there a way of changing the xwindows thingy???
Or can you tell me what other distro to use and where I can get a copy of it as my internet is not reliable enough to download.(My PC is an intel 233Mhz with 94Mb RAM and a rubbish graphics card)
Can you lot help??

Bob The Nob

  mattyc_92 21:21 14 May 2005

You mean the "boot-list"???

I tried Linux a while ago, but after 1 hour installing, partitioning, etc... I realised that when I tried to install a program, Linux doesn't reconise the "*.exe" file extenstion... So I gave up within a day!!!!

  octal 21:23 14 May 2005

I personally think the Debian Linux might be a bit too advanced for you to start with, you shouldn't have to worry about all that startx and xwindows stuff, I've been using Linux for a year now and I'd be hard pushed with all that.

I think you would be better off starting with either Xandros click here you download it and stick the CD in and boot, it will walk you through the setup very easily in about three mouse clicks, I understand Linspire is also very good click here

  octal 21:28 14 May 2005

Just to answer mattyc_92 comment, a lot of Windows programs will run under Linux, even just double clicking on the exe file, it runs under Wine or Crossover.

  octal 21:32 14 May 2005

You might be able to get a copy of either of those distros from somewhere like PC World. By the way, your computer specs are a little low, so you might find it a bit on the slow side, but it should work.

  bretsky 22:04 14 May 2005


  LastChip 22:10 14 May 2005

octals recommendations are good, but if you want a free download for starters, try Mandriva (formally Mandrake) that is very easy to start with. click here

  woodchip 22:14 14 May 2005

THe easy one to try use are Mandrake and Suse

click here Free download for three disc

click here Free

  dth 22:24 14 May 2005

I would go with suse - as it is imho the best and most straightforward to use.

  DieSse 00:29 15 May 2005

Linspire comes with all you need for a fully working system (O/S - Office functios (WP-S/Sheet/Etc) - Web browsing - Media player - Email - etc etc) - all built in.

The install is fully graphical - just like Windows.

The single-click download library for add-on programs is by far the largest I've seen for any Linux version - hundreds of programs in all categories.

You need never use the command line at all (unless you specifically want to, of course) - just like Windows.

  Bob The Nob© 00:42 15 May 2005

I've herd of Mandrake, I think a mate uses it but I can't get a copy of that one. Does any one know where I could buy a (cheap) copy?
And the same for SUSE.
So should I scrap Debian?
and how do I find out what kind of RAM my PC has. The modules don't have stickers on.

Bob The Nob

Which out of of Mandrake and SUSE is the most stable and will run Windows Games??

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