Linux Guru's How do I Set the refresh rate ???

  PªūĽ ™ ♂ 15:45 03 Mar 2003

How does one go about setting the refresh rate in Linux I have a Packard bell monitor that will happily do 85 HZ at 800 X 600 (My desired resolution) I can only access 60 hz and its starting to give me a head ache now. Is there a simple way ? I am using Mandrake 9.0 with a geforce 3 TI 200

Many thanks for your help Paul

  Pª?? ™ ? 19:44 03 Mar 2003


  two00lbwaster 19:53 03 Mar 2003

hey mate i might be able to have a look tomorrow if one of the guys at work brings his computer in tomorrow. im selling the harddrive but its currently got mandrake 9.0 on it. so i only need to know if mandrake will happily transfer from one set of hardware to another. you know anything about that?

  Stuy 20:21 03 Mar 2003

You can do it from the mandrake control center or have a look at the XF86Config file in /etc/X11. Don`t forget the man page before changing. :)

  powerless 20:25 03 Mar 2003

I've just installed Linux and because no one has replied apart from two00lbwaster. I'll think i'll post ya some...

I'm actually using Redhat 8.0.

So it could be totally different. So here goes...

Click on "Start Here"

Then "System Settings"

Then "Display"

Then "Advanced"

Then "Configure"

Refresh rate is there look like you have to type a refresh rate.

Hope it help if not back to Coranation street!

  powerless 20:26 03 Mar 2003


  ams4127 20:57 03 Mar 2003

I've got a similar problem with SuSE 8.1

I can only get 1600X1200 at 100hz. No matter how many times I try to correct it to 1280X1024 at 85hz, it changes itself back again!

I'm learning to squint a lot!

  powerless 21:01 03 Mar 2003

That might be because your monitor cant support the refresh rate at that resolution.

  PªūĽ ™ ♂ 22:09 03 Mar 2003

Powerless I will have a look Im currently on XP as I have destroyed my Modems settings under Linux DOH!

Stuy I will also have a look at that I know there is a way to change the Vertical and horizontal refresh rate in the control pael type thing but I am unsure of the correct settings to get to 75 HZ

Twoolbwaster I have no Idea if you can just transfer it across like that.

Many thanks for all the response so far I will keep you posted. Im off to my linux world now for a while although I will try to connect from there.

  PªūĽ ™ ♂ 22:59 03 Mar 2003

Many many thanks for youre help I managed to track down an online instruction book for my monitor that gave me the horizontal and vertical refresh rates, I have applied these and It has made a vast improvement to my viewing of the montior It looks nice and crisp and clean. My problem is resolved but I will be back again

  ams4127 22:07 04 Mar 2003

Surely if my monitor can support 1600X1200 at 100hz (it works fine - it's just that the writing is so small it's hard to read) it must support the lower settings?

XP runs along quite happily at 1280X1024 at 85hz and the resolution can easily be changed both up and down.

Pobably just another Linux quirk!

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