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  Big Trev 01:27 26 May 2013

I have a Linux laptop (Acer Aspire One)and I havent a cluen how to install stuff I download from the Web. More used to Windows and Apple. Just downloaded Skype, ran a thing. Saw lots of script. Can't find Skype anywhere? Can anybody offer any enlightenment?

  LastChip 02:54 26 May 2013

Which Linux system is it running?

Normally, there is a package manager of some kind (could be synaptic) and you simply tick what you want to install and then confirm it. The system looks after the rest providing it's connected to the Internet.

What you cannot do, is install Windows applications on a Linux machine, if that's what you tried to do. There are some exceptions to that, but for now, please take that as being true.

  Jollyjohn 14:42 27 May 2013

Most Linux distributions use Synaptic package manager, some use Yast, so open Synaptic, may be listed under software centre

In the search box type skype, hit enter

put a tick in the box next to skype, select mark for installation the Apply

Almost all software can be found and installed by this method, sometimes the package takes a bit of finding as it is the package name not the program name that is listed.

  Big Trev 20:02 27 May 2013

Hi. My System Information tells me I am running Linpus Linux Lite v1.0.7E. Where would I find the software centre?

  LastChip 23:42 27 May 2013

That's what I was afraid you'd say.

This is how you do it.

Linpus is a crippled Linux system and doesn't come close to demonstrating the possible power and flexibility Linux can provide. You may be better off looking at installing a more flexible system like Linux Mint or Ubuntu.

There are a number of tutorials explaining how to do that including this.

  Big Trev 18:12 01 Jun 2013

Hi Last Chip

Thanks for your help so far. I downloaded Linux Mint to a SDHC Disc but can't install it (or don't know how!) Tried booting from the SDHC drive, but nothing happens. All the help forums I've seen refer to burning a CD to boot from.

Can you help?

  woodchip 21:19 01 Jun 2013

Yes you need to create a Iso CD with the Download, then boot from it. but is your hard drive big enough to take both? and it would need to be dual boot so you can choose the OS to Run at boot

  Big Trev 12:46 02 Jun 2013

I created a bootable USB stick which worked and allowed me to install Linux Mint. I formatted the hard drive and over wrote the previous version. All prompts suggested the installation was successful, but when I boot up the computer without the USB stick, all I get is a flashing cursor on a black screen.

Any ideas where I'm going wrong?


  LastChip 13:35 02 Jun 2013

Reboot your Aspire One holding down the shift key and report back on the result please.

Please don't run two threads on the same subject, it just gets confusing - thanks.

  Big Trev 14:10 02 Jun 2013

LastChip - I tried the reboot while holding shift key, but it didn't work or change anything. Held it for about a minute.

Apologies for the double thread.

  LastChip 16:19 02 Jun 2013

Do you get any screen information before you see the flashing cursor or not?

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