Linux Distribution - Whats the best?

  Me - Version 1.2 RC3 10:26 30 Jul 2004


I am (or I hope) an advanced Windows NT user. Active directory, DNS, Windows Server, Web Server, Mail Server...been there done that.

I am thinking of diving in and trying linux as I have never really gotten to know how it works.

I got a copy of RedHat 8 and found it a bit too overly complicated to use straight away so I ended up formatting the partition in favour of photo and video storage.

I want to try again but want something a bit more Windows-like.

What distribution is best for me?

  Me - Version 1.2 RC3 10:32 30 Jul 2004

I have a fairly up-to-spec PC so I am downloading the LiveCD version of SUSE 9.1 to try.

Apparently it boots from the CD without modifying the hard disk...forgive me if I am sceptical at this point.

I will report back with results.

  Tree3 10:42 30 Jul 2004

try mandrake it is simpole to use and install, you can download all versions of linux if you click here linux

  woodchip 10:43 30 Jul 2004

Try Mandrake. you can get free if you can call it that, or Suse linux from a mage like PC plus DVD edision at about £6.50

  Valvegrid 13:05 30 Jul 2004

I use Xandros Desktop V2, Very easy to install and dual boot with Windows on another partition. The GUI is very easy to use. It reminds me somwhat of a slick Windows 3.11 in a way.

I've only been using it for about 4 weeks, so I'm a complete novice.

I can't find any good reason to use my Windows 98.

Good luck whatever you decide.

  Me - Version 1.2 RC3 13:11 30 Jul 2004

Xandros looks good.

Might try it when Suse finnishes downloading...god bless ADSL.

  Chegs ® 13:26 30 Jul 2004

Most d/l distros are about the same.Its a matter of personal choice.I have tried Mandrake/Redhat/Lycoris/Knoppix(runs from CD,no installing)and Suse.My personal fav is Suse,I d/l a 50Mb ISO,burnt it to CD,set PC to boot from CD-ROM with the ISO and altered a few settings,went to bed and when I awoke I had Suse 9.1 ready to use on my PC.

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