Linux dial up connection

  rabies 19:44 12 Oct 2005

My son became jealous of me when he saw my xandros os and has completely ditched Windows. He is using Business edition 3. Everything is working fine except internet connection. He has an external serial modem, the modem is recognised and dials but disconnects in about 30 seconds. His ISP (tiscali) won't/can't help because its linux! As far as I can see if the modem is working and the isp is correct it should work or am I being a bit naive. Really, what I'm asking is, should I be looking at any settings to change? Can anyone give me any pointers.

  octal 19:55 12 Oct 2005

I use Xandros as well. Which modem is he using? Also it might be worth adding this question to the Xandros forum as well click here

  rabies 20:42 12 Oct 2005

Thanks Octal. He has a Zoom serial modem as recommended in Linux Made Easy.I have put the question on the Xandros forum but I am waiting for replies, bearing in mind any time differences.Do you think trying another ISP would help? He was with Tiscali when he was on Windows.

  Chegs ® 20:56 12 Oct 2005

Changing ISP isn't going to get his connection more stable,altering the driver/cfg of the device might.Its something way beyond my knowledge of linux goes,your doing right by posting your question on a linux forum.If you get any replies,hopefully they will explain howto in "normal" speak,rather than the usual presumption your knowledge is as great as theirs.

  octal 21:49 12 Oct 2005

OK, I've found your posting on the Xandros forum click here perhaps between Chegs ® myself and a few of the others we'll be able to keep an eye on the thread in case, as Chegs ® says, a lot of Linux users tend to go into yuk-speak so we'll try and translate for you.

Have to be a bit careful keeping an eye on two forums in case it gets confusing, so see what replies you get on Xandros you might be better closing this one, anyway see how it goes.

  octal 21:52 12 Oct 2005

I just noticed when you joined the Xandros forum 31 Dec 1969 is Xandros hiding something from us?


  rabies 22:58 12 Oct 2005

I think that's a quirk of the forum registration process. For some reason my profile says 1 January 1970! Guess what? My son found another free isp(linux friendly) and he's now connected, so thanks for your replies Chegs and octal. I'll check this as resolved.

  octal 07:08 13 Oct 2005

Oh excellent, I hope his pleased with it, I'm glad you've got it sorted and thanks for letting us know.

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