Linux anyone?

  lodger 12:05 27 Jan 2008

I'm using XP, but very keen to try Linux......I downloaded Ubuntu 7.10 from the net using the main site and a local mirror.. I then saved files to a cd....but after saving, my Nero cd burner reported 'read errors' when verifying the files.......should i just delete the files and start again, or assume that cos my Nero is run on a windows based system it wont recognise these files as being clean ?........unlike Nero which saved the files and reported errors only if asked for verification, the generic xp cd wizard could not save the files at all.............

  Pamy 12:09 27 Jan 2008

You can have Ubuntu sent to you on a CD for free from their site, I would do that

  octal 13:15 27 Jan 2008

When you download the file you should be able to download a small text file as well called a check sum, there is a program for Windows that does that for you, but I forget the name of it, I use Linux and it automatically does that when I burn it in K3B.

When you are burning the ISO make sure you burn it as slow as possible, that's where problems often occur. By the way, a lot of people on this site use PCLinuxOS including myself, so find it easier than Ubuntu.
click here

  LastChip 13:49 27 Jan 2008

Make of it what you will.

First, Ubuntu is probably the best known Linux distro in this part of the World, but I don't think it is necessarily the best option for a new user.

Why? Because essentially, there are two major desktop options in Linux (and a number of lesser used), Gnome and KDE.

Ubuntu uses the Gnome desktop by default, which is a sort of MAC type interface. This takes a fair bit of getting used to and can put people off Linux very rapidly.

KDE is much more "Windows" like in it's implementation and my experience has shown that people often feel more at home when transferring from Windows with the KDE desktop.

KDE can be found on a number of distro's, Kubuntu being one example, but I believe PCLinuxOS 2007 is a better option for a new user. click here

click here for some guidance I've written for new users which may help you. Here are some other pages that may also be of use.

click here

click here

As far as your download is concerned, if it is corrupted, it's useless, so delete it and start again.

But something that does bother me (which may just be the way you've written it) is you SAVED the files to CD. When you download a distro, the file will be an ISO file and has to be burned in a specific way. If you need more information on that, please ask.

  DieSse 14:52 27 Jan 2008

"or assume that cos my Nero is run on a windows based system it wont recognise these files as being clean"

No - it will work perfectly OK to burn the file using Nero on a Windows system.

If you look in the Nero Smart Start at the Copy and Backup icon (last but one on the right) - there is "Burn Image...."

That's the one you use - and you use the downloaded file as the source file for it.

  ^wave^ 15:57 27 Jan 2008

you should have down loaded a an iso file if you look at it in windows explorer then it should ay iso file. if you just want to try it make sure that you have a live cd version looking at the site i saw only 6.06.2 dapper drake as a live cd so becareful when installing is my advice

  alan2273 17:20 27 Jan 2008

Much more friendlier for a first time user that Ubuntu, and can be downloaded as a Gnome or KDE GUI, is Linux Mint.
The sound, DVD playback and wireless connection work from the offset and installing ATI or Nvidia graphics drivers is a one click job through Envy.
As suggested above PCLinuxOS 2007 is also good, but I prefer the Gnome GUI.

  lodger 11:16 28 Jan 2008

for the very interesting and helpful replies, i feel galvanised to attack the linux barricades with renewed vigour......a progress or lack of progress report will follow........:)

  LastChip 12:33 28 Jan 2008

It's all open source!

(only Windows places barricades in place ;-) )

And it's much easier than you may think.

Interestingly, Walmart in the USA introduced a very cheap Linux desktop computer made by Everex click here and demand out paces supply: notice, it's out of stock again.

It's the equivalent of about £100, but you need to add a screen. It's a shame they don't introduce it here into Asda.

I'm sure there are many low income families that would jump at the chance of owning one.

The operating system is GoS, compiled by an outfit in the USA specifically for that machine. Although they claim it's not the Google Operating System, you'd be hard pressed not to believe it. The whole thing is based around Google applications, but it works well.

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