Winston Churchill 21:39 16 Jan 2003
  Winston Churchill 21:39 16 Jan 2003

Does Linux on a LAN with 2 Win Xp Home And Pro computers get recognised and accepted? What are the good points about linux?

  fitcher 23:06 16 Jan 2003

linux is ok but I find it is slow .I was the guy who could not get red hat 8 to work .the other day and Igave up .but it installed so easy on another machine I have ,, I found out it was not compatable with the graphics card .when I changed it. went on like a dream /I also use suse linux and find it very good/but boy loading seven cd dosks is slow /mind you I have not tried it with the dvd disk provided .and I also find the resolution of linux, Not as clear as in windows// why I do not know /.on the same machine .you can lan it.

  Taran 02:08 17 Jan 2003

Linux can see and access Windows PCs and disk partitions, but a Windows PC cannot see and access a Linux machine directly. You need to set up a file sharing system (Samba is superb and ships with most Linux distributions) and once this has been done, both the Windows and Linux computers can share the files and folders you set as shared directories.

In use, Linux is normally much, much faster than Windows.

As mentioned above, many distributions come on lots of Cd's, seven or even nine disks is not uncommon, but you have to look at things slightly differently here: on a Windows PC you would have a disk for Windows, one, two or even four for Microsoft Office (depending on version) plus Cd's for all your other software.

Linux distributions are not just the operating system; they are all the application software programs you could ever wish for on the same disks. So those multiple Cd's contain Office suites, programming software, web and image editors, DVD players, CD burning software and so on. Suddenly all those disks don't seem that much after all.

Good points are speed, stability, security (when set up by someone who knows how to get the best out of it) and its an excellent learning process for computing in general. As a desktop operating system, Windows is still a better out of the box solution, but Linux has a very great deal in its favour.

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