fitcher 19:18 12 Jan 2003
  fitcher 19:18 12 Jan 2003

I have tried to install redhat 8 but after a few attempts I am getting frustrated .I put my name in as a pass port .as a user .etc but when I get to the log on it will not accept my user name .or my password .I have tried every way to do it but it will not accept it ,during the install the only thing it asks for is the root password and a user name I have tried every conncoction of these with no luck .what am I doing wrong .

  LastChip 20:58 12 Jan 2003

I haven't used Redhat 8.0, but at the moment use 7.2 on one machine, as a learning process (for me).

When I installed Redhat, it was interested in two passwords, with a recommended third; so let me explain.

The first thing it required, was a password for the default boot loader (if you choose to use it) which in my case I accepted as Grub.

The second password it required, and as I understand it will always require, is a "root" password.

The third option, is if you set up a user account at installation. This is highly recommended, because if you continually log in as root, it is very easy to delete something you shouldn't, and bring the system down. So all "normal" logins are made as a user, and only if you wish to reconfigure something, do you log in as root.

If you had a successful installation, at the very least you will have a chosen root password, and in order to log in as root, you type "root" in the login window (no quotes) and your password in the accompanying space below.

You should be able to boot the system from this.

I hope you persevere with it, because it is an amazing system, but a very steep learning curve, most of which, I have no idea about!

  zootschosen 21:10 12 Jan 2003

does it accept your root password?

  Taran 21:15 12 Jan 2003

Normally any Linux installation will prompt you against using the same credentials for multiple accounts, especially for root and user/network profile.

Which level of security did you choose during your setup parameters ?

Are you having trouble with the user account password, the Network account password or the Network profile credentials ?

I suggest in the first instance you take a look at the following link where there are some excellent tutorials on how to successfully install and configure Red Hat;

click here

  1514 16:58 13 Jan 2003

If you are using numbers in the password then make sure that you NUM Lock is on, on you keyboard. That is, of course, if you use the block of numbered keys. It was my first mistake with Linux!!!!

  fitcher 20:39 13 Jan 2003

I have tried to log on for ten times I have loaded red hat for the last three days .i have had to go back to my susie 7.2 but it is poor on my eyes, but at least it accepts my password and user root .with red hat it was ok with log on but it would not accept any password I gave it .maybe it was a graphics fault .packed it in .
thanks for your advice I read it over and over// but I've lost hope // thanks lads closeing this down

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