jon2 16:08 16 Jan 2011

I am thinking of having a go with Linux can some one
point me in the right direction for imformation on this, many thanks.

  bremner 16:11 16 Jan 2011

click here is a good place to start

  robin_x 16:30 16 Jan 2011

I thinks these links might be a bit more user friendly (ie work)

click here

click here

  DippyGirl 19:39 16 Jan 2011

Ubuntu is a good toe in the water (mint is a derivative of Ubuntu).
Download and burn ISO to cd - you can then boot off the CD no install - just to see how things look [I also believe you can now run from within Windows unvirtualised , but havent tried this]

If you want to install use something like Gparted (or other tool) to create a new partition (and a small one for the swap files) then install into these - and your PC ends up as a dual-boot
The ubuntu installer will (or used to ) lead you by the hand - and their doco is very good (ideally have 2 PCs running one to intall Linux on the other to look at the instructions and look stuff up )

Once you happy to have done one you can look at other distros - most run of a live CD so you can try before committing... then just pick one that suits
Have fun

  woodchip 20:15 16 Jan 2011

Why not Create a Live CD from this list, no need to load it if you create a disc, you will need at least 500meg memory 1 gig is better as it loads to memory and runs from that click here after creating a ISO boot disc with the download start with disc in drive,

PS BIOS needs to be set to boot first from CD it does not load to the Hard Drive, Games and Office Programs Plus you can surf the net if you input your Router Key

  woodchip 20:15 16 Jan 2011

Give it time to load

  LastChip 21:16 16 Jan 2011

There's a few things you need to consider.

First; although Linux in general is not as resource hungry as Windows, some modern distributions (known as distros) will still need respectable hardware to run. Ubuntu is a good example.

There are however, other distros specifically designed to run on low powered machines, so choose with care.

Do you want a Windows type experience, or would you be happy moving closer towards a MAC type desktop? A KDE (a Window manager) based system will provide the former, but GNOME is closer to the MAC desktop.

For the least amount of culture shock, I would suggest you try either Linux Mint or Puppy Linux, both of which you should feel relatively at ease with. The former requires respectable hardware as it is based on Ubuntu, the later will run on a low powered machine. Both offer a good overall experience. PCLinuxOS is another good starter distro.

Make sure you know how to burn an iso file correctly. If you're unsure, click here to see how it's done. This IS IMPORTANT, as it's generally where everyone fails at the first hurdle.

You may also care to click here and read an article I wrote getting on for four years ago now, but remains relevant other than the recommended distro, which clearly has moved on.

Any further questions, please feel free to ask.

  robin_x 22:35 16 Jan 2011

Earlier this post prompted me to have another play with Ubuntu (this time 10.10) on a 1 yr old 15.6" Compaq laptop computer that previously ran Ubuntu 9.04 without any problem and immediately from the CD/iso.

10.10 booted with display driver problems and the screen was all over the place and almost impossible to read.

Back to Windows to Google and find the solution

click here

Fortunately I could squint and just about make out my screen to do this.

I also realised it was a display driver problem because exactly the same thing happened on another very old laptop which I installed Puppy Linux on. But in that case Puppy warns it may happen during installation and tells you how to fix it.

If I hadn't learnt that from Puppy I would have been at a total loss.
Also lucky I could just about make out the screen and fix 10.10 today. If I had a black screen as some do, I don't know the solution.

Anyway, in the end it only took a few mins to fix.
Everything else is fine.

  Strawballs 00:31 17 Jan 2011

As others have said I found Ubuntu one of the easiest.

  jon2 17:50 17 Jan 2011

many thanks for all the imfo

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