dlguk 19:42 24 May 2008

Can anyone help me with Linux, I have downloaded the latest version and it appears as an icon which cannot be recognized by Windows. I understand that I have to burn it to cd/dvd and would like to dual boot with XP Pro, any real simple instructions :-). Oh will all my drivers etc. work with Linux,
Ty in advance.
ps I have d/loaded ImgBurn as advised on a site

  Ditch999 19:57 24 May 2008

Dual boot with XP click here
You will need specific Linux drivers for all your devices. You need to partition and format etc or what about using MS Virtual PC click here which runs through Windows and your other OS (Linux) then runs as software within the Windows environment. You need a lot of resources for this method.

  skidzy 20:06 24 May 2008

Ok dlguk,steps to follow when installing on a system already holding xp pro.

I take it you have seen my thread...reading between the lines.

Download PCLinuxOS2007 to your desktop Dutch mirror direct download click here

And burn the download as an ISO in Imgburn.

Set your bios to boot from cd as opposed to the hdd.
Place the burnt download of PCLinux in the cd drawer and reboot the computer.

You now will boot into the Live Linux cd,this will check the hardware and install the drivers needed.

Do NOT install to the harddrive yet,run the live cd first and get use to the os.

Once you are happy with the live cd,you can install PCLinuxOS to a different partition,this is all done for you and no other tools are needed.

First and foremost......BACKUP anything of importance before attempting to install Linux !!! this can fail at times and ruin your current os xp pro.

This will help you click here

  skidzy 20:09 24 May 2008

As i said yesterday,follow this thread and you will not go far wrong...its certainly worth the read-some real good advice and tips click here

  LastChip 20:14 24 May 2008

There are several questions that need to be answered.

Linux is the "kernel" (brain) of many Linux based distributions (distro's). Which one have you down loaded? Ubuntu, PCLinuxOS or what?

The "iso" file is a self contained image, that needs to be burnt in a very specific manner. Your burning program should have instructions on how to do it, but note the following:

DO NOT try to extract any files from the iso. You tell your burning program to burn an iso file intact and IT will look after all that has to be done.

You WILL NOT need any device drivers for a basic Linux installation. The distro will take care of all of that for you.

Once the image is burnt to disc, if it's a live CD/DVD, you can run it from the disc without installing anything.

Rather than go through everything word for word, here's a couple of pieces I wrote that you may wish to read. They should give you an insight into what your about to embark on and if you then have any specific questions, one of us Linux users will no doubt attempt to answer them for you.

click here

click here

  skidzy 20:18 24 May 2008

thought you would see this one Lol.

I should have asked what distro has been downloded,doh !

I will leave you with LastChip,you are in very good hands and he will see you through.
Good luck.

As you are new to Linux,treat it as a bit of fun and not take it to serious to start with,it can be a bit mind boggling but is fun to use.

  LastChip 20:27 24 May 2008

Thanks for the complement.

  dlguk 20:46 27 May 2008

Just to thank all you nice helpful people :). I did however note that on one tread I was told I would require 'specific drivers' and on another all drivers would be loaded. What I am aiming for is to get free of M/soft all together (Window 7) next year :(. Anybody done this?

  LastChip 22:18 27 May 2008

All my main computing is now done on Debian Linux (Etch), however, I have an Epson printer that prints directly to CD/DVD and as far as I know, at the present time, no software is written for Linux to let me do that. So I'm very reluctantly forced to maintain one (old) Windows machine to act as a print server and carry out that task.

Other than that, I have one purpose written program that has in excess of five years of data that would be very expensive to replace. That again, runs on the old machine.

Having said that, I'm making progress via "Wine" to run that program and if I can solve the final hurdle, all I will then need to do is find a way to print directly to disc and Windows will be banished for good.

The bottom line is, If you have no specialist needs, Linux will do all you want.

  dlguk 19:57 11 Jun 2008

Apologies for the delay, due a technical fault-- WORK :(. Your last posting was very interesting and as I am soon going to have a ‘freed up PC’, I will follow your advice.
One thing however can you shed any light on the fact that my download of Linux appears as an icon which cannot be opened, I have Winzip installed, would this prevent Windows compression ‘seeing’ Linux?

Thank you once again

  LastChip 20:42 11 Jun 2008

I'm almost certain you have downloaded an "iso" file, which is by far, the most common way to obtain Linux.

You don't need winzip or anything else. DO NOT attempt to extract any files or manipulate the iso in any way.

The iso is burned "as is" in a special way, that your CD/DVD burning software will take care of.

You simply tell it to burn an iso image and it will take care of itself.

Or, you could click here and follow these instructions using Infra Recorder. Even though it refers to Ubuntu, it could equally refer to any Linux distro using an iso file.

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