craftycraig 12:27 20 Aug 2007

I wish to run linux on my pc, Im just wondering if anyone could reccomend any good sites to donwload it from, And if anyone has any good help sites on installing it onto my pc. the problem i have is once downloaded on how to install it. ?

  howard64 12:33 20 Aug 2007

type live linux cd into google and when you burn the cd it allows linux to run without installing it. You can then try it and if you like it you can install it from the cd.

  octal 12:53 20 Aug 2007

One of the top Linux systems at the moment seems to be PCLinuxOS click here I'm using it at the moment, in fact that's all I've got on the computer, no Windows.

If you download the package from here click here which is an ISO file, you'll have to use something like Nero to make the CD.

Once the CD has been made, put the CD back in the CD tray and reboot the computer, it will then run the operating system from the CD. Give it a try first to see if you like it, also make sure it picks up all your hardware OK, have a good play with it.

If you feel you like it and want to install it then sign in as Root and on the desktop you will see an icon to install the system on your hard drive, double click on it and it will guide you through the install process, the install takes about 20 minutes and it will see your present Windows system offering you to keep it if you wish, you can then dual boot either to Windows or PCLinuxOS. It will take ages to get used to it and configure it, all the Linux distributions are the same, that's what they mean by the learning curve.

  uesquebeathus 12:54 20 Aug 2007

Knoppix and Ubuntu are about the easiest to attempt Linux with,
I really liked the Ubunto Live DVD version you get all the products you can think of free with it, which will enable you to do almost everything that can be done in windows for free, and with a product called "Wubi" it can be dual installed and then you can run either windows or Linux. the boot desktop screen is like a Norwegian Fyord absolutely superb.

  octal 12:56 20 Aug 2007

I should clarify that tweaking takes time, but actually using it you can do that straight away, all the applications are installed that you need to get you going.

  mitsme 13:13 20 Aug 2007

I think you may be able to order a CD version of Linux, but I can't remember the site, sorry. Try google, it will prob point you in the right direction.

  skidzy 16:20 20 Aug 2007

if you would like a Ubuntu live cd that can be installed,contact me via the yellow envelope.

I have several here distrubuted by Ububtu sponsor Canonical ltd.

Alternatively have a look here click here plenty to play with.

Though my experience's with Linux is limited and not very successful.

  DieSse 17:04 20 Aug 2007

click here is one of the main sites covering Linux releases. There's also list of "most downloaded" - though that really applies only to that site.

Most popular at present are PCLinuxOS and Ubuntu - though if you a current Windows user, Kubuntu (the Ubuntu version with KDE desktop, rather than Gnome desktop) may be more familiar looking.

If you have an old slow system, Puppy Linux is excellent - I've been running it on a 400MHz 128KB RAM system - and it's like lightning - it runs totally in RAM!

  DieSse 17:40 20 Aug 2007

A Linux primer click here may help.

There's lots of general introductions to Linux on the web - just google for them.

  skidzy 18:33 20 Aug 2007

Thankyou for the link (lessons).

Im currently rebuilding an old system that was given to me,and i am thinking of trying out another version of linux on that.

Im sure your link will help out.

I was given two pc's (very old) i have now rebuilt one of them.These are going to deprived children to help them out a little.
Im not sure how well they will get along with Linux if i do decide to install this,but i guess we will see.

Again thankyou for the advice.

My apologies,i do not mean to hijack your thread.

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