rent-a-cop 20:52 02 Jan 2004

I have decided to install linux alongside winxp and have a play. I have never used this operating system before. I therefore have a problem, I don't have the first clue as to what I'm doing. I've already managed to stop it booting into the gui "x" is it? How can I get that back? How do I log on as root? (only my name is an option in the gui startup screen) How do I get my adsl modem working (it said to download the linux driver and put the "o" file into \usr\shared\speedtouch\ what's an "o" file? I did download the linux driver but the suffix is .eni not .o???

If someone could

  rent-a-cop 20:54 02 Jan 2004

oh dear, managed to post 3 times while still typing, that's a new record for me.

(cont) answer me those questions and point me in the direction of a good newbie's guide. I'd be grateful.

  rent-a-cop 20:57 02 Jan 2004

^ please respond on this thread. Thanks

  powerless 21:04 02 Jan 2004

To logon as root type: su

Then enter your password.

To Start the GUI type: Startx

To get your speedtouch modem working, open a console and type: su

Enter your password.

Then type:

cp /the/path/to/mgmt.o/file usr\shared\speedtouch
If you click the ennvelope next to my name i'll send you the file.

  powerless 21:08 02 Jan 2004

Well i should have asked you are using Mandrake Linux?

  rent-a-cop 21:13 02 Jan 2004

Yes, mandrake 9.1 (i think) Oh, forgot to mention I completely overwrote xp and all my files etc when installing the first time! what a dum whit!

  rent-a-cop 21:24 02 Jan 2004

The driver I downloaded contains two files kqd6p1.eni and kqd6p2.eni the first file is only 1kb though while the second file is 662kb???

  powerless 21:30 02 Jan 2004

Check your mail.

Ignore those downloaded files.

  woodchip 21:41 02 Jan 2004

You have my sympathy and you need lots of time and Patience.

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

Hop they may help

  rent-a-cop 21:54 02 Jan 2004

thanks to the god who may be known as powerless! Yes, I am typing this in linux. Woodchip, I am going to try your links now. One further question, if I may. When I started x as root it didn't bring up the usual icons and a "watch" remained as a pointer except when I went down to the taskbar, why is this? Also do I need antivirus software or a firewall using linux?

  powerless 21:56 02 Jan 2004

I did make a mistake /// \\\ :-(

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