miniman79 19:10 21 Aug 2005

In this months advisor they reviewed Linux Linspire. Apart from the subscription for the CNR package is this as close to Windows yet?

  bremner 19:17 21 Aug 2005

If you are not prepared to accept its short comings and difficulties, to grow a beard and your hair long, wear a tank top and talk in geek speak - then steer clear of Linux ;o)

  masterchief117 19:29 21 Aug 2005

i second that bremner i tried linux on a old pc and its hard work. u need a yr of ur life just to understand it. stay away unless u really got the spare time n the knowledge

  Pooke 19:53 21 Aug 2005

"is this as close to Windows yet?"

No, it's still Linux but it and some other recent distributions including Linspire are extremely user friendly, if that's what you mean.

I played around with SUSE 9.3 and beyond the basic interface it was confusing but on the other hand my internet connection and printer worked without any setup from me, as soon as the desktop opened I was on the internet (this forum actually) and playing games, exploring open office and so on.

However I plan to get some books out and learn! A few members on here run Linux on a permanent basis, they'll be able to explain better.

Do you remember your first days near a PC with windows? I do, and it was as confusing as hell.

The above posts are inaccurate to say the least.


  bremner 19:56 21 Aug 2005

I use Linux on a daily basis and simply getting it to run on a fresh install is challenging. Paricularly with the problems with drivers etc.

As you will see I was speaking slightly tounge in cheek but it is simply a fact that Linux is not easy and is not for the novice user.

  Pooke 20:06 21 Aug 2005

When I ran SUSE 9.3 everything just worked. Maybe I was lucky. Going through the install was tricky, but not overly difficult, no more nerve racking than my first windows install.

My current plans are to get some books out of the library, get a smaller computer and install a distro (not sure which yet) and have fun.

I will be keeping this machine as XP for the missus as we have spent a fortune on games for her.


I don't think it's right to put the frighteners on someone that has an interest, they should be helped and encouraged to try new things.


  woodchip 20:09 21 Aug 2005

It's not easy!!!! but it's not impossible ether. As above if there was no windows then this would be a delight to use and learn. I have Run Mandrake and Suse and another but the one I cannot remember was nice to look at but it was older than the other two, and hard for drivers but things are a lot simpler now

  Pooke 20:49 21 Aug 2005

since you use linux have you "a beard and your hair long, wear a tank top and talk in geek speak" ?



  Chegs ® 20:49 21 Aug 2005

Modern distros(Suse 9.3/MDK9/RH9,etc)are as easy to install as wimpdoze.Most of my hardware I got with my PC running 98se.I upgraded to XP,and had to run a dual-boot system if I wanted to continue using my hardware.After a couple of years using XP,the drivers for my hardware finally came available.I tried a few distros,and found it extremely hard work.None of my internet hardware worked,so finding anything out was tricky.Then I bought a router/modem.Its now as easy to switch across to linux,go googling for linux info etc.These newer distros detect my older hardware,in fact I have found that linux's driver for my scanner works better than the HP one in XP. Its almost as easy to perform PC tasks on the linux box,as the same type of app in wimpdoze(rarely do you need to resort to cmd lines)The main difference between the two(linux/XP)is linux will not swallow huge chunks of resources,become infected with as many viruses/trojans,allows a massive amount of customising options(free)whereas M$ were thinking of charging for updates to their flaky overpriced products.XP is good,Suse is just as good.Its a shame that none of my games can be persuaded to run in linux(at least,this is way beyond my capabilities yet)as if I could get these games into linux,then I would cease using M$ products completely(especially with all this agro caused by WPA!)

  LastChip 21:05 21 Aug 2005

Fact: Linux is as easy as Windows, BUT, it is different. You have to think back to the very first time you used, or were shown Windows. I suspect you were frightened of breaking something then; I know I was!

It's very wrong to say, Linux is only for geeks. Two maybe three years ago, one could almost see where that came from, but now, some Linux distro's are as easy as Windows to install and using them (in some cases), is almost identical to Windows.

Where they differ, is the concepts on how the system works. For example, whereas Windows installs with everything set open, to allow for ease of installation and use, Linux tends to close everything (for security), and you need to start those things when you need them. The installation of extra programs is different and you must be prepared to learn the new procedures.

Almost without exception, where members here come a cropper, is trying to get Internet connections. This is not Linux's fault, it is because almost all modems that are shipped with modern machines are "Win Modems", and in this case, Win means Windows. Linux does not play well with these modems and the price you must pay is to change it. Any modem or router that connects via a RJ45 (network) connection will work just fine, and all the main stream distro's will recognise the modem and auto-configure.

Xandros is exemplary in it's ease of installation and use. If you want a free Windows look alike, that's the distro for you. You need Bit Torrent to download it. Expect about an hour to install and that INCLUDES ALL APPLICATIONS as well. We are not talking half a day or more like XP for all the applications you need to load afterwards. One hour; all done; ready to go.

The bottom line is, if you're not prepared to learn a new system, don't bother, because you're always going to be frustrated and will never achieve anything like the systems capabilities. If you're prepared to open your mind and try to learn, then the system offers unrivalled opportunities.

  DieSse 22:04 21 Aug 2005

I got installations of (free) Xandros and (paid) Linspire.

All these prophets of doom on how hard it is must be doing something else - both of these installed for me just like Windows - I've not touched the command line on either of them - they just work.

Linspire I prefer - it's got much more simple to install software - and I got my HP recent model scanner to work with it with minimum fuss.

It looks and feels very Win-like - so much so that my Son and Grandson just use it without comment if my system is running it when they vsit.

Now you will have to do some work to transfer over your data - and you will have to get used to not using Word or Excel (not altogether a bad thing to get used to :-))

But it's not geeky or difficult in any way shape or form.

PS - look out for MP3-Beamer - possibly the smartest music package around.

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