Linksys WRT54G

  a-1233370 23:48 26 Jan 2008

hi im new here and am in need of help.
i got given the Linksys WRT54G router by my cousin yesterday to use so i am able to go online on my playstaion 3. now im a bit confused.
im with talktalk and i am using the SmartAx Mt882 modem. it says adsl on the modem and apparently the linksys router is dsl. does that mean i cant use it the router

if i am able to use it could someone quickly run through how i should be connectiong it up like the wires and things.

many thanks

  a-1233370 23:49 26 Jan 2008

forgot to add i didnt get a cd to help set it up

  Kemistri 01:13 27 Jan 2008

In terms of acronyms, there is only one difference -- one specifically refers to asymmetric transfer rates and the other acronym does not specify. However....

In the world of routers, DSL is typically used in a slightly misleading way to indicate a router that is compatible with the Ethernet modems used by cable providers -- that's Virgin (nee NTL) in other words -- and is often described as "cable/DSL". Technically, cable broadband is still a Digital Subscriber Line and it is still Asymmetric.... but there the two forms diverge.

So you, as an ADSL user, cannot normally use a cable DSL router (one without a built-in modem) unless it has been designed to work with ADSL USB modems -- and I don't think that anyone has ever actually produced such a product.

Pass that old Linksys back to your relative and procure a modem/router instead.

  Strawballs 20:52 27 Jan 2008

As Kemistri said the router you have is for cable ISP (Virgin Media) and you need a combined modem/router click here any one of these will do. Shame though I have that router with Virgin and it has worked faultless for over 3 years.

  a-1233370 15:48 29 Jan 2008

apparently my current talktalk one has soemthing built in it making it compatible to work with the linksys one??

  a-1233370 15:49 29 Jan 2008

ethernet cable port

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