Linksys WPC11 card and the icon on the task bar

  Magik™ 16:25 24 Apr 2003

hi.when both PC's were 98se, no problem.. now the laptop is XP it will not network.., so for the hundredth time i will start again..the little icon which lands up next to the clock, red for no network, green for all systems go..mine flashes red and green, what i need to know, should it be green all the time even if the desktop PC is not set up.. or does it change colour when it sees another PC.. does any of that make sense?..

cos it is doing my head in :-))

  woodchip 16:46 24 Apr 2003

Not any Idea but I would think it means that one comp is OK ie. Green other comp needs setting up ie. Red

  Magik™ 17:07 24 Apr 2003

oh dear...the desktop i can set up, thats 98se. but the XP laptop if i am lucky, i can get it to flash green-red-green-red......if it is a bad day , no icon at all...thanks anyway

  John-259217 17:18 24 Apr 2003

If you double click the icon and bring up the link info screen does this show a connection? I use this card and find that if my laptop goes to standby the icon stays red on re-awakening despite the wireless link working fine. It may or may not go green again at random so I would think there may be some software glitches at work here. If your desktop pc is not on and you have no other wireless access points or routers then it should remain red as there is no network for it to discover. If you click on the site survey you should find the signal from your desktop (having switched it on) which you can then connect to. I find that as well as setting properties in the Linksys software you also need to set the adapter properties thru Windows as well. Open network connections, highlight the card and right click to properties then enter SSID and channel number. Set up is easier if you leave WEP security disabled until you have a working wireless network first as its one more thing to inadvertantly enter different settings on each machine.

  Magik™ 18:34 24 Apr 2003

thanks for that, i shall go through it word for word....i will let you know...thanks again.

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