Linksys Wireless Router - connection problems

  Ian39 20:12 21 Mar 2007

I have just bought a Linksys WRT54GS wireless router, to use with a Virgin Media broadband connection. The laptop I am using is an Advent 7109B (Celeron M), with a built Ralink wireless LAN card.

I have installed all router software and believe the router to be working ok. The laptop detects the Linksys network when I view all wireless networks available.

However, when I try to connect it either returns “no network available”, or if it does connect I only get “limited connectivity”, and am unable to connect to the internet. The connection speed is very slow, and this limited connectivity tends to disconnect after a few minutes. The router has a built in firewall, and I have tried disabling the windows firewall to see if that helped the connection, but it had no effect. Not sure if I need to the configure router settings, if so how would I do this?

I have been trying for a while now and beginning to wonder if a very long Ethernet cable would be the answer!!! Grateful for any help anyone may have.

  skidzy 20:25 21 Mar 2007

IF the security is enabled,you may need to enter the WEP/WPA encryption key.

  a.nonymous 21:46 21 Mar 2007

can u actually get on the web?

  Migwell 00:25 22 Mar 2007

You can ring Lynksys they have what is the best help line I have ever come accross. When I had big troubles with mine, a wag54gs I called them and they would not let me go off line untill I and they were happy and that took about 2 hours. That was a free call to Linksys in India through the number posted for the UK. The number is 0800 026 1418 you then take option 1 on the auto answer system. Go on give it a try, you have notheng to loose and every thing to gain.

  Kate B 00:42 22 Mar 2007

I would try an ethernet cable if you can get one long enough. It's best to sort out getting online with a cable and rule out any issues there before you figure out the wireless connections.

  Mad Mick 07:49 22 Mar 2007

I am with Migwell. Their helpline is excellent, use it.

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