LINKSYS Wireless-G Router (Please HELP!)

  808Slates 21:45 26 Feb 2006

Purchased today, to enable 2 pc's to be linked to broadband, having a right game setting this up...

When my BT router is in it works sweet as a nut, but when I try and connect the wireless router it wont, it doesn't recognise the same connection details I think, its wierd because the BT has been pinged and the connection appears to be there but for some reason the PC and router dont comunicate????

Our operating systems are XP

  AlanB1471 22:15 26 Feb 2006

See my earlier post suggest U give more detail and resume tomorrow.

  Strawballs 23:19 26 Feb 2006

You need a router/modem combination sounds like you got one for cable broadband

  808Slates 08:39 27 Feb 2006

I explained to the guy in PCWorld I wanted to share the broadband access on PC in my room and the one down stairs...

So told me easiest way to do it was to purchase LINKSYS Wireless-G Router and two USB wirless signals...

But the problem I think is configuring the router???

  mgmcc 09:58 27 Feb 2006

Have you actually "Connected" to the wireless network? In other words, have you run the wireless adapter's software, scanned for "Available Wireless Networks", found and highlighted the one that matches your router's SSID (network name) and selected the option to "Connect" to it? Once "connected", the wireless adapter should get its IP address by DHCP from the router and you should have internet access.

  808Slates 12:39 27 Feb 2006


Well when I asked what I needed and how to go about doing it, now I was told I need the equipment above and to plug the route in the phoneline box, attach the 2 two adaptors to the pc's and it will pick up the internet... Tried this and no go...

But as I figured surely the router must be set up on one of the pc's should it not????

  mgmcc 13:30 27 Feb 2006

The normal procedure is to connect one of the PCs to the router by ethernet cable in order to configure the router for (a) the connection to the ISP and (b) the "wireless" settings. Once this has been done, the cable can be replaced by a wireless connection.

However, the fact that your Wireless Network Adapter is showing an "excellent signal" and is communicating with the router doesn't mean that you have actually "Connected" to the wireless network. Initially, you have to go through the procedure I outlined to "Connect". Subsequently, the connection may be established automatically.

  808Slates 13:35 27 Feb 2006

Its the router I'm trying to set up, obviously the set up for the cofiguration is different to my BT router but I cant work out where I'm going wrong in all fairness.. When I plug the BT router back in the net works fine...

I'lll try again later and make a note of the error messages to put down here

  808Slates 14:10 27 Feb 2006


  daveh01 18:45 27 Feb 2006

I'm a relative newbie, but I went through similar steps for a friend to install a Linksys WAG ADSL router he had purchased from PC World and had difficulty in getting to work.
First, you need to follow the advice from mgmcc and connect one of your PCs to a wired ethernet port on the router. Ignore wireless connection for the moment. i.e. remove the wireless Lan card from the PC.
There should have been a grey ethernet cable in the Linksys box from PC World (although the instructions refer to a blue cable). Use this to connect the PC to the router, switch on the router and let it start up, then start the PC.
I had a problem in running the Installation Wizard from the CD that came with the Linksys package because the PC that I used to do the install had a firewall running, so if you have a software firewall installed on your PC, turn off it off temporarily.
Then put the Installation CD that came with the router into your PC and follow the on-screen instructions.
This should allow you to set up the router in a straightforward way, so that it works for the wired ports on the router - even if you only use one of them during initial set-up or when configuration parameters are being changed.
After it is working in this way, you can attend to the wireless connection, although given that you have 2 x PCs it is likely that you will be able to see and browse the internet wirelessly via the router from your second PC at this point, if you switch it on. (Use infrastructure mode before joining the connection).
However, the reason you will be able to see the internet from your second PC is because the Linksys router and Lan cards in general default to No Security, which is not a good idea.
To protect your network from hackers you need to go into the router and set Security on.
Before deciding on the security setings, you will have to check the capabilities of the wireless Lan adaptors you have purchased, but the likelihood is that they will support WPA2 encryption. (If not you can use WEP as a lowest common denominator, but this is less secure than WPA2). Assuming WPA2 is OK, set WPA2 at the router first, by browsing to IP address from your first (wired) PC, then Login and change the Security parameters. The default login name is admin and the default password is also admin, unless you decided to change them when using the Linksys installation wizard. For WPA2 you enter a passphrase that you should remember and keep a note of for the future - then save the settings, remove the ethernet cable from your PC and restart the router.
After this, you can install the LAN card in your first PC, start it up and you should be able to see the SSID of the router. Assuming you can do this, then all you have to do is to set security on the wireless LAN card to correspond to the router. Set mode WPA2 and enter the same passphrase as was used for the router. Your system should now work wirelessly. Then do the same for your second PC.
Note: Browse the Forum for other posts related to Wireless security. There are lots containing good advice and you may want to carry out other steps such as disabling SSID broadcasts, or changing names, etc.

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