Linksys WAG54gs problems

  Migwell 01:15 14 Apr 2007

I have the above router which seems to be causing problems. I rang Lynksys they helped me set it up as secure to find that it reverted back to un-secure. It was setup again and the channel was changed and it was made secure once more. About two weeks after that I noticed that the internet was crawling along (should be about 3.1MB) when I took a closer look found that it was reporting week signal, the router is only about 10 feet from the adaptor and is in the same room. Looked closer again and found it was back to un-secured. Switched it and the computer off and went to work. When I got home the computer was booted up also the router switched back on. The computer connected to another router in my neibourhood which was un-secure I asked the computer to re establish the connection with my Lynksys router but it can't find it. I wonder if it has packed in, have had to go back to useing the old BB Modem fron Talktalk. Now getting a bit sick of the whole thing.
Any help please will be usefull. Thanks Migwell.

  missingit 08:55 14 Apr 2007

Have you been in touch with Linksys again?
I had problems last Sunday and after getting no help from AOL except to get the phone number of Linksys.

It was a Sunday morning,not much chance of there being anyone there but phoned on the off chance.

Not only was there someone, but they were very helpful,a refreshing change.

So worth a recall perhaps.

  g0slp 16:50 15 Apr 2007

It might be a good idea to try a reset, using the recessed button. If no joy, then a 'Factory Reset' should be tried. My WAG54GS router decided to play up with the wireless connections, & performing the Factory Reset sorted it out.

  Migwell 00:32 17 Apr 2007

Thanks guys. Have tried the factory reset and had no joy. Have been away for the weekend so have not had a chance to try anything else. will give Linksys a ring later in the week when I get time.

  Migwell 12:50 05 Jun 2007

Sorry for the long delay in making a reply I ended up in hospital with a heart attack. I hope it was not due to getting this Router working at the time.

Any way I rang Linksys when I came home after a few days and they helped me to download new soft ware and it has been a lot better, like me, so I will colse this thread. Thanks Migwell

I agree gOslp Linksys are fantastic they give 365 / 24 / 7 help and will not give up untill it is sorted. The last time I was on to them it took just short of 3 Hours even envolved them ringing me back after the did a bit of delving into all things Microsoft etc., and coming up with some answers.

BEST help from any manufacturing company ever!!!

  Strawballs 22:20 05 Jun 2007

I allways use them whenever possible, owned by Cisco systems.

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