Linksys wag354g router - ethernet problems

  japeron 13:48 04 Mar 2006

Going slightly mad....

I have a Dell PC running windows xp home.

Trying to get a Linksys wag354g wirelss router to work and I'm getting nowhere fast! I can set it up wirelessly - my laptop connects to the network and the internet but the router will not talk to my PC over the ethernet - I get no lights either at the back of the pc or on the router. I have followed all instructions and unplugged my old speedtouch adsl modem (but not uninstalled it from the PC). The ethernet cable is one that came with the router (which I have swapped at pc world once already!). I've also bought a new ethernet card (Realtek RTL8139) - so now I have two (old one was a Broadcom which came integrated into the Dell pc) - but the same problem exists, the pc just says network cable unplugged and ipconfig says media disconnected.

Any ideas?

  ade.h 16:23 04 Mar 2006

Quote "...but not uninstalled it from the PC"

Why not? Have you at least checked that it is disabled in Dev Manager and in the Net Conn folder?

Now to your main issue, which may or may not be related to the above; were/are either of the adapters active in Dev Manager prior to trying to use them? No warning marks or anything? Have you checked the adapter's status and properties in the Net Conn folder? Have you run the Network Setup Wizard, from the left pane of said folder?

  ade.h 16:24 04 Mar 2006

And have you instructed Internet Options > Connections to use the appropriate device and source, ie. not your old modem?

  japeron 17:12 04 Mar 2006

Thanks for your help ade.h - in response:

Not uninstalled modem because I still need it on my main pc if router won't work, and I don't trust it to work. If I really have to though, I will. I have disabled it though.

The adapters were/are both active and "working", the message on both is "a network cable is unplugged" and I get the same message when using the network wizard - it sees the ethernet card but states "the network connections below are disconnected".

I don't know how to instruct Internet Options>Connections to use appropriate device. It shows one connection, which is my BT Internet Broadband. When I click on that it shows my username and password. Under properties I can see an ISDN Channel-Alcatel Speedtouch USB ADSL PPP plus a built in PCI Modem (which is not used).

I'm assuming that taking the modem back to the shop a second time is going to get me nowhere as this will probably happen with all makes?

  keewaa 17:39 04 Mar 2006

Go to
Control panel-internet options-connections
Select never dial a connection
click LAN and check automatic is ticked.

  ade.h 17:44 04 Mar 2006

Are all four boxes checked on the General tab of the Ethernet LAN's properties?

Can I safely assume that you are NOT running Windows firewall?

And what firewall are you running?

  japeron 19:16 04 Mar 2006

I am running mcafee firewall (windows firewall is switched off) and have tried disabling it but that has no effect on my problem.

All 4 boxes are checked on the General tab.

Keewaa: everything already as you said

A friend suggested that it may be a corrupt ethernet driver causing problems (I have uninstalled and reinstalled (downloaded from open drivers) drivers for both cards. He states that it may be a corrupt driver in the bios and that I should flush the bios (no idea how to do this!). Do you think this could be right, are there issues I should be aware of when flushing bios and would you know how to do this?

  ade.h 20:02 04 Mar 2006

Tell him that it's called flashing the BIOS, not flushing! I would only flush it if things get really desperate! LOL.

This is the process of overwriting the contents of the BIOS EEPROM chip with a newer version. It can cure certain hardware issues that arise with the motherboard itself, but has nothing to do with this.

  japeron 20:21 04 Mar 2006

flushing - doh! That actually might be me rather than my friend!

If I have ethernet cards - is there a way I can link them together to test whether they work? At the moment the lights on the back of each are off.

Incidently, I also did a loopback test on the router by plugging both ends of the cable in to the ethernet ports and still got no lights. I read this on this forum I think - would that suggest the cable/router is faulty?

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