Linksys USB Network Adapter

  Neeli 01:00 08 Jan 2006

I finally managed to hook up my Linksys nightmare of a router and it works fine to connect my laptop which is wireless enabled.

For my PC I bought the Wireless G USB Network Adapter. But its not working! I have unistalled and reinstalled the thing about a million times. The USB port is to speed.

When I was attempting to install my router the Wireless G would find the Access point and connect with the router. Now it won't even do that. Everything is compaitble, the power is on, its just the darn link. Your help please! Setting up wireless has just been a nightmare!!

  mgmcc 09:07 08 Jan 2006

<<< When I was attempting to install my router >>>

What do you mean by "install"? You don't install a router - it is a network device that you connect to and which shouldn't require the installation of any software in the PC.

Having got everything set up and working with your laptop, it should just have been a matter of installing the new Wireless Network Adapter in the PC, running its software (or Windows' wireless netwoking software) to scan for "Available Networks, finding and selecting the one that matches the SSID of your router and "Connecting" to it.

If you have only just in the last day or so installed the WiFi adapter in the PC, I would be inclined to uninstall it, run System Restore back to before you first installed it (to remove any related entries from the registry) and start again.

  Neeli 17:54 08 Jan 2006

Sorry then I didnt install it I connected the router. (is that right)

I have tried what you suggested and it is still not picking up the network. All I get is 'No association with Aceess point' and the device is always inactive, no mater how many times I install/uninstall.

  Halmer 18:01 08 Jan 2006

have you got the square green icon in the bottom right hand corner?

  Neeli 18:08 08 Jan 2006

No the square is not green as it is inactive and when I hover over it says either 'disabled' or start here. Its grey at the moment.

  Halmer 18:10 08 Jan 2006

an option to use the 'Windows wireless network' if you right click because that is what I have done?

  Neeli 18:13 08 Jan 2006

No such option anywhere. If I right click it only gives me the option to 'open the monitor' or 'turn off monitor'. Where would the 'windowd wireless network' option be Halmer?

  Halmer 18:18 08 Jan 2006

I' fairly sure that it gave me that option when I right clicked and that's how I got mine working. I've got a feeling that the square was showing green at the time though.

You can access Windows Wireless setup Wizard' in control panel.

Not sure if this will sort it for you but it's worth a look.

  Neeli 18:19 08 Jan 2006

What version of Windows do you have, as I ahve ME and can't find that option.

  Halmer 18:21 08 Jan 2006

I have XP.

  Neeli 18:22 08 Jan 2006

Ah right, any other ideas? Am in the queue to chat with linksys tech support at the minute.

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