Linksys Switch

  Nefariouz 00:13 17 Feb 2006

Alright. I bought a linksys switch (Etherfast 10/100) - (EZXS55W ver 3) from Bestbuy. I put my cable modem into the slot, and hooked up my main pc. Everything works fine. I hook up my second pc another port. I get a message saying I have limited or no connectivity.

Weird thing is that the 1394 connectino is connected. But my lan shows that it's sending packets but not recieving.

I currently have sygate personal firewall. I have both computers set to allow sharing files, etc. I even have rules set to allow the non-working pc to have full access in the options. But It still won't connect.

Day two and I'm stumped.

  mgmcc 23:07 17 Feb 2006

You are trying to use a "Network Switch" as a router and it isn't going to work. Your ISP only allocates one IP address and this will go to the first PC to connect. The second PC has no way of getting an IP address and Windows will allocate a default APIPA address (Automatic Private IP Addressing) in the 169.254.x.x range and this will give the "Limited or No Connectivity" error indication.

Because the first PC is getting a WAN (Wide Area Network) address from the ISP, you cannot even network the two PCs via the 'switch' because they need to have LAN IP addresses.


1) Replace the 'switch' with a router. This connects directly to the ISP and gets the single IP address. In turn, it allocates LAN IP addresses to the networked computers so they have internet access over the LAN from the router and are also networked for file and/or printer sharing.

2) Install a second network adapter in the first PC so that one is used to connect to the internet and the second connects to the other PC. Enable "Internet Connection Sharing" on the network adapter that connects to the modem in the first PC and the second PC will have internet access, provided the first PC is online.

3) Connect the first PC to the modem by USB and connect the two PCs via the network adapters. As per (2) above, "Internet Connection Sharing" would have to be enabled on the connection to the modem.

  Nefariouz 23:39 17 Feb 2006

Thanks. This has been very helpful.

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