Linksys Router and Shut down problems

  Bucko1 14:13 05 Mar 2003

I've just linked 3 computers together using a Linksys Router and I use a cable modem.
2 computers are running Windows Me and the other ancient Laptop has W95.

The installation went fine and all computers are accessing the internet with no trouble. Two are working fine and have no problems.

The main computer in the link now seems very unstable and crashes frequently. I narrowed down a problem with not seeing the other two on the network by adding their IP addresses to Zone Alarm in the trusted zone(incidently this is the only one of the 3 computers which is running Zone Alarm). Now though, when I want to shutdown the computer at night, it either keeps re-starting or gets so far and then hangs and I have to switch it off at the back of the computer.

Do you think this could have anything to do with Zone Alarm or has anyone else experienced this sort of thing and overcome it? It was perfectly ok before.

  Bucko1 15:11 05 Mar 2003

I was reading through the past postings for shutdown problems and I found a command line to add a shortcut to the desktop. C:\WINDOWS\RUNDLL32.EXE user.exe,exitwindows

When I use this command the computer will shutdown properly.

It still won't, when I use the start/shutdown/shutdown computer method

  vinnyT 15:31 05 Mar 2003

The way to test if it is za, would be to disable it in startup, restart your comp (however you can) and see if this fixes it. I should say that I use the linksys befsr41 router and za and never had a prob. If it's not za causing the prob, have you looked on the linksys site for updated drivers (you could do this anyway).

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