Linksys Router problem

  ChasNoel 18:25 10 Jun 2009

My broadband suddenly stopped working and with the help of my ISP I disovered that the problem was my Linksys Router. I havew two discs which came with the router and have tried to re-load it but it tells me to enter my password and I have no recollection of doing so when I purchased it about two years ago. It will not re-load until I enter this unknown password and I cannot find a way to remove it from the the PC. Anmy help would be appreciated.

  Caså 18:30 10 Jun 2009

The default on Linksys is ADMIN

  Caså 18:39 10 Jun 2009

Sorry lowercase, admin

  ChasNoel 20:37 10 Jun 2009

Yes I have tried that also but nothing happened. The admin password only seems to work if you are not loading by using the supplied disc. I was not loading by following the instructions supplied (who does??) by merely by inserting the disc and when asked for a password there it does not recognise "admin". Any other suggestions?

  britto 21:59 10 Jun 2009

are you leaving the user name box empty?

click here

router web-based set up page here
if it helps.

  Strawballs 23:11 10 Jun 2009

Router Address Username Password
click here

click here

click here

Microsoft Broadband
click here

click here

Taken from Microsoft website on networking click here

  gazzaho 00:36 11 Jun 2009

There should be a button, my WRT54GS router reset button is in a small hole on the rear of the router. You can push a paperclip, pen nib or similar in and hold for 30 seconds or so to "factory reset" it, this will reset all the options on the router so you can use the admin password after entering in a browser window to get to the router settings page. You will then have to reset all your settings like SSID and wireless security once you have done this.

Once you set the router up it would be a good idea to write the settings and passwords down somewhere and store them somewhere safe. A password protected file on a USB pen drive would be a good place to keep them, as long as you keep the pen drive safe of course.

  phono 00:52 11 Jun 2009

If you follow gazzaho's advice, and then manage to get everything working okay, it would be a good idea to make a backup of the router's settings.

I am not sure about Linksys but I know that Netgear routers allow you to make a backup file of the settings which can then be loaded at any time, I am sure that Linksys will have a similar option.

  ChasNoel 21:20 11 Jun 2009

Guys. Many thanbks for your help. I have spent most of the aftern oon and managed to reset the Router. However, when I reconnect the cable as instructed I got a message saying that there was no internet connection. When I bypassed the router I was immediately back online Either the instructions are wonky or I am thick as mince. I guess I have to call in my computer guru. Hope he can do it. Thanks for all your help.

  ChasNoel 09:20 12 Jun 2009

Further to above. I spoke to my younger son and he gave me the following advice. Shut down main computer leave laptop running. Leave for 5 minutes and after starting up press reset button at back of router (as advised by Gazzaho). Bingo! Everything is back to normal. Many thanks for all who helped.

  gazzaho 04:44 13 Jun 2009

I'm glad you got it sorted ChasNoel, sometimes a little perseverance pays off.

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