Linksys router

  Halmer 16:03 29 Dec 2005

Have installed a linksys router. My laptop is working ok, but for some reason I cannot get a INTERNET connection on my PC. I am running on windows xp. It appears to connect to the wrong IP address.

  mgmcc 21:14 29 Dec 2005

You haven't mentioned how the PC connects to the router - "wirelessly" or by network cable?

The connection to the router should get its IP address automatically by DHCP from the router, but with a WiFi adapter this will only happen once you have "connected" to the wireless network. If the adapter cannot access the router to get its IP address, Windows will allocate an address in the "169.254.x.x" range which won't let you connect the LAN or the internet.

  Halmer 11:05 30 Dec 2005

The PC connects to the router 'wirelessly'.

The Linksys diagnostic screen tells me that everything is OK (good signal) but it cannot access the internet and shows page not found. The IP address is showing as 19x xx etc etc not 169 etc etc.

I am not by the PC at the moment sorry as it is my friends.

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