Linksys problems

  loopyloo 02:50 05 May 2006

I have just purchased a wireless laptop and I modem router. I have connected the router via ethernet into my main desktop. The lights are light on the router but my laptop doesn't connect most of the time. If I'm in the same room as the router it connects every now and again but I can't get the internet wirelessly in any other room. Please can anyone help me. I am using NTl broadband.

  Halmer 07:02 05 May 2006

Start/All Programs/Connect to/Wireless Connection

Under the Support Tab click on Details and make a note of these numbers carefully and what they refer to. You don't need the Physical Address at the top or the WNS Server at the bottom.

Go back to the General Tab to the left of Support and press Properties. Double click on Internet Protocal (TCP/IP) and enter the numbers above by manaully configuring the two options.i.e. change them both to 'Use the following........'

If this doesn't make sense post back.It's a lot easier than I have probably made it out to be. You can always simply change the settings back if it doesn't work but I think it will as you wont have to search for the IP details each time.

  Halmer 07:04 05 May 2006
  mgmcc 08:00 05 May 2006

It sounds as though there is a problem with the radio signal, for which there can be a hundred and one reasons. Make sure the Router and Wireless Network Adapter (Laptop) are not located close to Mobile or Cordless phones and large metal objects (such as central heating radiators).

If you are picking up signals from neighbours' Wireless Networks, try changing the Channel number in yours.

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