Linksys (Limited or No Connectivity) HELP!

  nava92 02:58 19 Mar 2008

Hello I'm not super technical with computers but i have this desktop with windows xp that will not connect to the internet, im using a linkys USB adapter and a Linksys wireless N router iv tried using the USB adapter on a different desktop and it works perfectly. But when i use it on my own desktop it will just say limited or no connectivity, iv unistalled and reinstalled the software several times, iv done the whole ipconfig/release/renew thing. I have done a hard reset on the router, nothing seems to work, im using ClearWire internet and the router is not hooked up to any computer just to the Clear Wire modem. i have also tried reseting the modem, and iv done repairs SEVERAL times. PLEASE HELP!

  MAJ 07:55 19 Mar 2008

Forget the adapter for a while (unplug it) and plug your router into the PC using an ethernet cable, see can you connect to the internet that way.

Is the "Linksys wireless N router" a modem router, which model is it?

  nava92 00:43 20 Mar 2008

ok i tried to hook up the router to the pc and i still had no internet, and its a WRT15ON Linksys wireless N home router, i dont think its a modem router.

  MAJ 01:41 20 Mar 2008

Are you in Ireland, nava92? The Clearwire modem is plug and play, so there shouldn't be any problems just connecting it to the computer via an ethernet cable and getting connected. Are the lights on the Clearwire modem all lit and static? Are you sure your area is a good reception area?

  nava92 01:50 20 Mar 2008

No i live in Washington State and we usually get 4 or 5 bars but that is when the clearwire modem is in a certain room when i moved the modem and router into my room with the pc i only had 1 bar if this could be the cause of no internet through eithernet then i can move my pc into the the other room with better signal.

  MAJ 01:55 20 Mar 2008

I would certainly try that, nava92, one bar doesn't seem like a great reception. But still, don't connect the router until you can get the connection with just the modem and PC connected.

  nava92 02:20 26 Mar 2008

ok MAJ i tried to just connect the pc to the modem with full bars, and still it says limited or no connectivity.

  ambra4 07:01 26 Mar 2008

Check your LAN card and network setting

click here

  nava92 02:30 27 Mar 2008

thanks ambra but still it says limited or no connectivity.

  nava92 23:59 31 Mar 2008

so anyone know what maybe wrong and what i can do to fix it?

  Trojan 12:12 16 Apr 2008

Silly it may sound but I had the same problem turned out my wep key I put in was one digit wrong even though I had put it in several times and made the same mistake,in my case it was my writing I had wrote the last digit looking like s when in fact it was 5,check the key and make sure you put it in exactly,hope this is of help.

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