linksys isnt good enough, advice needed!

  hies 23:12 29 Aug 2007

Hi, I currently use a linksys WUSB54 aparently with a built in range booster which can be seen here ( click here ). I use this becuase my nextdoor neighbour allows me to use there internet connection and this usually recives it about 15% of it anyway but its enough to keep me online usually. I have recently made a newer antenna for it which i solderd onto it making it slightly better, however sometimes the reception isnt good all the time, I just wonderd if anyone knows of any of the most powerfull network adapters in terms of range, I was going to go buy one but they all say there long range however I wonderd if any of you guys could recomend one for being a good range one. Im not really intrested in building an antena for it as ive already done that and id prefer to buy a newer more powerfull one. Also if anyone knows what I should be looking for when im searching for one that would be cool. thanks all

  setecio 23:18 29 Aug 2007

This should help

click here

  hies 23:30 29 Aug 2007

hi thanks for that.. sorry im a bit of a noob with this kind of stuff, is this made to work along side my linksys? or is this a complete new adapter. thanks for the reply

  hies 16:28 30 Aug 2007

hello? just wonderd if this is to work along side my linksys network card or is it a complete new network adapter. thanks

  setecio 20:14 30 Aug 2007

quote :

"The Hi-Gain Wireless-G Dish Adapter is the only wireless adapter to integrate the distance benefits of wireless Dish Technology with WiFi networking."

It is a completely new network adapter.

  hies 21:33 03 Sep 2007

Hi, I really appreciated the reply, it looks good.. However Im just about to buy one and wonderd if there is anything better than this in terms of range, price isnt a real issue but If i can pay an extra £10-£20 for a much better one which would that be? also does anyone know the range of my current one comparing to this? thanks in advance for any replies

  hies 21:36 03 Sep 2007

sorry - spec here

click here

comparing to

click here

  hies 21:54 03 Sep 2007

what do you mean though, Im just asking.. becuase would you buy something someone has told you to without checking if its better than your current model. hmm

  Strawballs 22:20 03 Sep 2007

The range depends on a lot of factors, where the router is sited how thick the walls are in your house what other electrical equipment you nearby that might emitt signals etc etc.

  hies 22:43 03 Sep 2007

well its going through about 2 walls, but im wondernig how good it is compared to the one i have... i mean is it on paper any better? thanks

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