Linksys hg200 from ip adress assigned

  lauie 13:40 22 Mar 2006

1) Brought a linksys hg200 asdl modem/wireless router from Tesco, last Christmas.
2) connection to the internet, via the wireless
route works ok on the hg200 - the DHCP assigns IP
to my DELL INSPIRON m5100 laptop. good.

3) Recently brought another hg200 asdl modem/ router for a friend. I thought i try it out, giving it a different ssid name, hex key. WEP is enabled.

4)Laptop see strong signal, but i notice the router does not assign an IP address [laptop set for auto ip assign], consequently getting LIMITED CONNECTIVITY.

5) Tried manual ip assignment. This resolves the issue of limited connectivity, but...
i am STILL not getting the internet on this other hg200 asdl modem/router.
1)Is the router failing to de-crypt my internet request.

2) The internet wirelss and ethernet connection works ok on the 'OTHER' HG200 ROUTER.


Can anyone help, please?

  Danoh 00:25 23 Mar 2006

Assuming you do not have both routers running at the same time;
You might have to clone the 1st router's MAC address for the 2nd router so that your ISP will recognise and allow it to come through.

  lauie 08:25 23 Mar 2006

Hi Danoh,
Thanks for the reply.
I manage to connect to the internet by applying this routers MAC address [in the mac FILTER allow]for the new 2nd router (with the 1st router not used)and with ENCRYPTION DISABLE.

So going back to your suggestion, you are implying that i should use the mac address of the 1st router, and place it into the MAC Filter table of the new [2nd] router (1st router not used)?

for any response.

  Danoh 08:49 23 Mar 2006

Yes, as some ISPs log the MAC address of the physical device connected to their network and will only allow that same device to do so, unless you get them to change their system records.
This is the WAN side; i.e. from your router out to the ISP's Wide Area Network and the internet in general.

As you are testing, and if there is the facility on your router as there is on my Belkin, in the configaration section called something like "Clone MAC address".

Note that this is different from the list or table of MAC addresses which are permitted within your wireless LAN (Local Area Network).
Adding routers' MAC addresses in this will have no effect.

  lauie 02:07 25 Mar 2006

The Mac Filtering works ok for this Linksys, allowing
me to restrict only my own / friends to get on the network with the MAC Address.

Unfortunately, the is no MAC Cloning on this Router for mimicing that of another device.

At the same time, found out my PC was using my first routers key as default, which meant i could not use my friends router - set to different key.

The strange IP address assigned to my PC was from the pc's own internal dhcp, when there is no ip assigned to it from the router, part of the limited connectivity issue.

  Danoh 08:12 25 Mar 2006

Thanks for posting back, lauie.
Can't speak for others, but I've often learnt from the results of problem resolution.
How is it your PC has its own DHCP?

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